To be a star…

The News are filled with sad events. Although I am a very calm and balanced person, I cant help to feel a deep sound of uncertainty in the core, unrest and fascination about the materialistic reality that should be so simple. You transient into the physical cycle of living and you will egress from your body. Instead of spending much energy in preventing this reality we could simply accept the facts and strive into the future with the clear understanding we exist a short wave of moments and have the choice to live it wise. As a kid I can forgive rebellion and stupidity. For a teen I will adapt understanding and encourage wisdom. But as a grown-up I respect you choose and live to be precious and show kindness to others, foremost with your own barrowed physical being.

Seriously, it’s funny how much of our media target is focused on selling us the idea we should prolong the fact we are going to die and that this is a horrid thing.

It all is rather simple. You co-exist in a mass that is adaptable to the physical and psychological environment you set yourself into. This can be a limited, jailed, tortured or even traumatic condition; but often, even in the most constricted of living conditions there are choices available. In our minds we can find freedom.

Accidents happened. They don’t need a reason. Physical life can be washed away, without logic explanation. Situations can be comfortable, undeserved. Life could be challenging, against your wishes. But the choices you have before you are mostly multiple… We tend to be influenced by the need to stay young, alive and rich. Very banal indeed…

Most of what fills the media machinery is about people in rather “freed” condition, reflecting a bizarre choice of living; Measured only by their passing, it could be a very sad story to tell, but looking at the span of life lived – without judgment, I conclude they simply made a chain of wrong choices, took for granted a youthful invulnerability and barrowed against it and did so in a very public form. Towards the end their image, their miserable struggle and what is portrait as suffer ends up on covers of magazines, TV fronts and T-shirts. I’d like to think that was their most real moment; a most humbling realization and surely a most painful flicker of life. A necessary awakening before transitioning into the next phase of being.

I know, some think life is just what it is; body and party. I forgive rebellion and stupidity.

I know, some think life could possibly be conducted by a God which judges us to burn in Hell or find the light of Glory. (great story, btw) I adapt understanding and encourage wisdom.

I know some simply don’t give a shit. That’s certainly not a precious way of respecting live and such peeps often lack kindness. They however make life very colorful, I’m glad they live an example I find amusing to watch, but painful to understand.

The media is full of painful stories these days. The entertainment will not end… There are so many stars on a clear sky.