I feel for that other one percent

The raising 99 percent movements in all parts of the world indicate an accumulative resentment to the unbalanced wealth and power distribution. Poorly guided by aggressively waving and shouting quarrellings of society – this growing groups express the unspoken aversion to the super-rich; While they (the one percent) comfortably maintain their luxurious meandering around laws, we – the lesser blessed – suffer past or repeated depression, recessions and Arab springs. It does churn my sense for fairness these days, while witnessing corrupt business investments, world political imbalance, the EU contagious crumbling and our unsuccessful personal efforts to stay ahead of pressing bills and old-tailed American comfort. Times have seemingly changed.
I still can’t ascertain an unified message in the Occupational precedence of my friends who invite me to participate…
Why would I become a nuisance to authorities when nobody can express a reason for this “standoff”? I realize that although the way of amending a majority respected change in Washington is impossible against powerful, lobbied rulers minority with privileged of a greater chance to have their self-protecting laws granted.

Soon we, the tax paying majority will have to bail out again the bonus advantaged managers of Wall street corporations…
Like the German guy who enters into the Hotel lobby in Greece: makes a 100Euro key deposit to check out the room before confirming his stay. As soon as he walks up the stairs, the Hotel owner runs to the butcher to pay off his weekly meat debt; the butcher hurries to the farmer and pays that 100Euro for the quarter cow he already utilized and the farmer pays this sum to the hooker for her past generosity and she returns to the hotel to equalize her debit for the last few visits – just in time for the German tourist to take back his deposit – while he declines to stay… Nobody in this “round-about pay-out” ever produced nor generated an income and the consequential dept cycle has already started again.

Americas productivity is lousy. As little as a government financial sustainability is possible in Italy when retirement was lowered to the age of 50… The US must admit that the archaic calculations for Social Security is wrong: There is no meandering around this reality. We eat more in average, work less, complain more, participate less in public causes, horde more, care less for others while constantly bombarded with media driven ideas of needing accessories, updates and luxurious bagatelle.
We measure our goals on the illusionary imageries of a few media-advantaged “stars” that set a standard of impossible accomplishment that can never be achieved. We idolize a common idiotic perception that our unified personal right is to compare success to anyone “above”. As if a reflection of true happiness and success is merely obtained when being that very rich person we now so begrudge for dictating an unattainable goal. Seven billion people and we all should be millionaires; we all should have food on the table, specified education, health, vacations, servants… errr wait a minute? No classifications…?

I find personal happiness in the fact that I am just simpler. Better off than many and admiring a many; able to help others and still knowing I could spare more. I find peace in the knowledge that some are not as lucky and others with privileges are not as smart. I ponder about my chances and embrace the fortitude for humbling moments. I cater to my friends (work as I love it…) and enjoy simple gestures of their presence. Presents too… Neither do I aspire to be rich nor do I envy their dealings. I do see a lot generosity from the wealthy few; but I realize that their gestures are less shiny compared to the foolish few that steal our attention with their prosperous braggings. My life has taught me to be suspicious and cautious when one group categorizes the other group on behalf of the actions of a few. In my business the nouveau-rich are likely to lack etiquette and old money shows no need to steal the spotlight. A few druggies do not frame that smarter group out on the fence in search for comon direction to equalize unjustice.

If there is “change” to come from the occupation it must foremost define the need for equal social service, healthcare, fair education and a simplification for “quality” of life. I like that young people tent together, touch, talk, debate and share “real” space amongst each other; I was slightly concerned that with all the isolated social media trends a whole generation will forget what a hug, an emotion or unity – face to face – feels like.

Go, occupy the parks, the schools and the streets in peace and find out what your message is; I might join in the near future…

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Freedom of speech

The right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to the laws against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion, etc.

I find myself sqeezed in an interesting dilemma; seeded and grown merely in my little head – triggered through an incident at a work meeting that left me pondering and rather inbalanced about my own views.

As a liberal and true democratic centered American, I treat my job assignments even in foreign lands from a basis of integrated US constitutional rights perspectives; a set of all inclusive human rights and (young) regulatory principals that within her complicity are well thought out, debated and defined by many brilliant minds. The US constitution.

I often find myself alert in a quench between the restrictive laws of other lands and my personal approach to silently guide from a set of citizen amendments. My respect for the home constitution outlining my roam of actions have defined a comfortable boundary wherein I act, think and find rectification when reflecting upon odd experiences and finding resolutions for confrontations and peace as a kind person.

In reverse: When people from other places arrive in the US, they bring with them “home-grown” habits and reflect their philosophical views that sometimes confront my set perspectives.

I was told once not to talk to others about things that bother me or affect me at my workplace; to not “steer-up” my emotional driven urge to voice my specific views but furthermore “report” my concerns or doubts to the manager instead… This at first seems such an absurd request; oppressing my first amendment rights but clearly, as it has been tested through every levels of the US court system I indeed have no legal protection for freedom of speech as employee of for-profit and non-profit corporations and other non-governmental employers.
Worth: The freedom of employers to terminate employment at any time, for any reason means that employees in private industry have no legal rights to freedom of speech.
Simply; as a private citizen who is not in the public eye, the law extends a lesser degree of constitutional protection to the Managers statements at issue.

And here starts my ponder. I manifested over the nearly 50 years of my existence to a standard of living that respects the constitution as a “rough-draft” designed for an intellectual elite with a dose of moral principals and a healthy respect for the living and Mother earth, that no law fairly includes the extremes on either end of a philosophical perspective. Yes, you can call your mom an “asshole” and a many groups test their “freedom” with extreme use or abuse to force defined outlines of the original drafts of our constitution; enforcing referendum, amendments and creating popular initiative. I’m however bothered by the fact of confrontation in the middle of these extremes when told at my workplace that I shall not express opinion, critique or compulsive notions as this would jeopardize my employment… And it could.

Looking upon the current political turmoil with this experience in mind: it defines precisely the mood and dismay of the odd scenario of competing aspirations to the Presidency on the republican ticket and in the growing mass of demonstrations about the dislike in discrepancies of power and wealth in this country. 98 percent of the people in today’s US Senate are registered millionaires debating if the richest could contribute with a larger tax participation to bail out our failing economy, while 98 percent of the population make up the “reality” of an average income group that has long seen their unreachable chances of the American dream erased.

What we have is the right to voice our opinion, to debacle and share our dismay possibly from a perspective of adapting to ideas, changes and contributing through this process in finding appeasing solutions. Any restrictions within a group or from the rein of leadership position is a very clumsy and uncomfortable idea for creating a work environment that invites for trust and respect. Communication is encouraged; any debate with fists and weapon or under “threat” is too simple for my person.

It is a young Nation in comparison; even the multiple definitions are fresh scares of tested ideas… I do believe that voicing my every thought has liberated me from becoming an introverted recluse. I respect the idea of discipline and decorum too much and strive for medium; a comfortable balance – although constantly curious about the edges of my roam…