About Private Chef

The cornerstone to chef Raphael Gamon’s culinary genius is mixing two traditions; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Traditional French Cuisine. We all have a desire for healthy living, surrounded by synthetics and living in a polluted world, realizing – we must change. This is where Raphael’s fascinating culinary class provides solutions.

The origin to his unique knowledge started after this Swiss Culinary Graduate visited the Southern France where he had a chance encounter with the French Culture Minister. “In a bread store in Provence I told Jacques Lange he should bake his own healthy loaf. Soon after that he offered me a job at the Palais Royal in Paris!”

Raphael since has cooked for kings, politicians, international celebrities and the who’s who of Hollywood’s elite! He has traveled all over Europe, Asia and the United States cooking and educating healthy eating to the rich and famous.

Raphael’s upbringing as Buddhist early on familiarized him with a deep-rooted respect for the five elements and the powers that nature offers us. After being invited by Asia’s most respected Traditional Chinese Medicine research Pharmacy, he trained and successfully launched a world’s first TCM fusion French restaurant in Singapore.

” TCM is still used in the Asian world to aid physical and mental health as they did for thousands of years. Within little changes, everyone can boost their immune system; old and young can adjust their wellbeing and longevity. Unlike modern medicines, these old methods are studied on millions of people with no toxic side effects. You should know what you eat.”

This fascinating five day TCM cooking class will change everything you know about food: You too can become skilled with Chef Raphael’s signature; blending powerful Chinese elements into French cuisine.

For more information check out www.TCMchef.com