I’m not big on promoting my political views when having to participate in speculations based on under-educated information, but the story about Malaysian flight 370 is rather a simple truth, whenever we are able to get the recordings:

(As of August 202, the plane/passengers/crew have not been found)

First off, the few details we are not being told by any media might help understanding a little about the lack of communication by plane, by phone and from controllers on the ground. When a nation purchases a 70 million dollar air craft the transaction is similar to you buying a car. You can buy a vehicle with the bare essentials i.e. radio and cigarette lighter…. Or the full shebang with leather seats and WiFi flat screen TV behind the seats and NFC activated locks and ignition starter…

Malaysia, most likely got the less expensive version, with little modern outfitting electronics. Unlike in the US most people in South East Asia (except major cities) are not as well equipped with the most modern cell phones; most Malaysian citizen opt for a “pay-to-go” phone service plan and most have a simple handy… There are NO cell phone atenna on each corner boosting signals; some areas in the jungle are remote and there is no WiFi for hours! Or the signal just stops for no apparent reason!

If there is a catastrophic decompression issue and the oxy-masks drop in front of you – everyone in the cabin will look around and ponder what they should do next… Next time you watch the flight attendants doing their silly demo; pay attention. What they are not telling you – the ominous facts – you have about five seconds to put that oxygen mask over your mouth before you will pass out – and there might be only a few minutes of pure oxygen available for all passengers (scuba divers love this part…). The pilots have a longer supply. Hence, in a dramatic decompression situation (a door blows out or a window explodes…) all passengers and crew will pass out within seconds… There is honestly no chance to pull a mask over your own head – and next over a child – if the cabin pressure violently changes. It’s like telling the school kids in 1950 to hoover under the table when the Atom bomb hits the roof – whilst cement evaporates, its a funny exercise, but hopless an attempt!

The airplane however is programmed (equipped with onlly bare essentials) to dive on auto-pilot down to about 4000 feet to equalize and cruise in a speed and altitude that is livable… for the few that might survive, this is the time to spring in action and check on the pilots. These professionals too could have passed out? Keep in mind, you might have been tossed around, popped your ear drums and blown a lung (or two) but heck, we are able to do survive beyond logic!

The odd flight pattern, as we know it today, is a sign that someone “steered” the aircraft, however we will not know all details until we find the black box. Could be a pilot slumped over the equipment, or something far more nefarious.

They are going to find this plane. In time we will know the details of this tragic flight. The ocean is much larger than most can comprehend and most unexplained stories invite for conspiracy, yes it is annoying. Add to it religious speculators and we just have another human version; revoked science blabber. Even CNN makes up days of stories; adding Titanic, digital camera, Submarines and a side-story of Ebola outbrake in Africa.

In the mean while we all need to come a bit closer and try educating the next generations about the fact we are made from the same DNA as most other living forms. I respect a strong opinion – but, please spare me your speculations that lack science.

Side note:  The ears of the chocolate bunny are usually the body parts containing the most chocolate, the mold is poured upside down  – just in case someone asks if you want a piece… Go for them!

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