Infected deer-ticks and Nymphals can be carriers of Lyme disease. It is estimated that only ~3% of ticks are active carriers: depending on climate, season and the endemic areas. Transmission occurs in most cases with a tick-bite after a delay of 3-25 days. Three out of four infected persons experience, sometimes a homogeneous red rash and/or erythema chronicum migrans (EM). Also called bulls-eye: Two red 2 inch – 4 inch circles (not to be confused with ring-worm)This is not an allergic reaction it is an actual skin infection. In the Western world distinctively confirms a clinical diagnosis (pathognomonic) without further diagnosis.

The risk of Lyme disease infection increases with the time the tick is attached or engorged to the host. It takes more than 24 hours for the bacteria to travel through the parasites saliva into the dermis. An immediate discovery of a deer-tick attached and removed will not require any treatment. A deer tick removed before 24 hours past, with a single dose of doxycycline taken within 72 hours, significantly reduces the risk of an infection.

The risk of Lyme disease infection increases with the time the tick is attached or engorged to the host. It takes more than 24 hours for the bacteria to travel through the parasites saliva into the dermis. An immediate discovery of a deer-tick attached and removed will not require any treatment. A deer tick removed before 24 hours past, with a single dose of doxycycline taken within 72 hours, significantly reduces the risk of an infection.

Some patient do not remember being bitten and do not experience any primary symptoms. Initially the Borellia bacteria infection is painless, starting with a mild headache, fever and fatigue soon followed by an expanding rash including EM that if untreated can lead to more serious symptoms involving the joints, heart and central nervous system resulting in mental disability and difficult to treat. However, prolonged long-term antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease is not recommended since modern science does not recognize the term chronic Lyme disease.

The Borellia bacteria can be traced over 20 million years back. The Lyme disease is named after Old Lyme, Connecticut where in 1975 the first cases where identified but the cause was a mystery until 1981 when entomologist Willy Burgdorfer identified the tick-connection.

Because of deforestation and urban expansion the likelihood of vector born illness has dramatically increased. Indirect contact with ticks through farm animals and in-house-access pets also add to the chance of a transmission. Precautionary measurements like repellents or suitable clothing for humans and impregnated collars and/or shampoos for animals (head, neck, ears) are very effective. Vaccination for pets living in affected areas is an important step. Check yourself, check each other.

The tick injects through a feeding-bite the spirochete bacteria (B. burgdorferi) into the carrier tissue, a substance that disrupts immune response by blocking neutrophils leading to a benign inflammatory reaction. The spirochete, aided by the attachment of the host protease plasmin (responsible for dissolution of blood clots) multiplies outward within the dermis (red rings) and eventually spreads within the bloodstream to joints, musculoskeletal and nervous system where their presents give rise to a variety of symptoms of disseminated disease. 

The spiral coiled bacteria can hide in the extracellular matrix, avoiding immune response and they secret toxins that are specifically attractive to fatty tissue like nerve cells (brain), triggering apoptosis, contributing to neurodysphunction. At this stage, white matter pathology can disrupt grey matter connections, resulting in deficits in attention, loss of memory, sleeplessness and increased pain (psychologically and physiologically).

The Borellia avoids human auto-immune response by mimicking normal parts of the body’s tissue. Rarely, some chronic reactions persist after correct antibiotic (ABX) treatment was administered to eliminate the spirochetes from the body: An in vitro study published in July 2014 showed that front-line antibiotics doxycycline and amoxicillin are ineffective in eradicating persister populations (multi-drug tolerance), which may contribute to symptoms post-treatment.  

There are other drug candidates with a higher potential for eradicating and preventing long-term symptoms of Lyme Disease (LD). (Ref.: Identification of novel activity against Borellia burgdorferii persisters using an FDA approved drug library)

This theory could explain why chronic arthritis persists even after antibiotic therapy.  

Late infection or untreated (undiagnosed) Lyme disease can disseminate into symptomatic cardiac disease, arthritis and meningitis and require intravenous administration of ceftriaxone or a second round of one to four weeks of antibiotic treatment.

Treating LD with antibiotics only is often not sufficient because the treatment course is either too short and the spirochete is not eradicated or a co-infection with i.e. babesiosis (malaria) or Rocky Mountain Fever can manifests the LD to become chronic. Modern Western medicine is still baffled by the complexity of chronic LD from cognitive problems to brought spectrum consequential malaise. This dilemma clearly demonstrates why modern medicine struggles with the “one-for-all” approach.

Conventional medicine aggressively targets anti-pathogens with heavy antibiotics (ABX). There are already variations of ABX-LD resistant bacteria documented. As an initial immediate action – when suspecting or diagnosing Borellia infection – a fusion of science based treatment together with a science based alternative approach elevates the recovery chance and guarantees the best outcome when treating LD. From a Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective, a patient with the above described symptom-patterns is equally managed as one would restore health to individuals troubled with rheumatoid-like arthritis vasculitis, syphilis and leptospirosis which are spirochete bacteria disease.

Fibromyalgia is commonly associated with any of these symptoms. The basic treatment is heat-clearing, damp-drying and tissue-toxic resolving methods. The phytopharmacological information for these remedies are well recognized in many libraries by respected ancient and current practitioners and tested on thousands of patients without adverse side-effects.

We have current scientific DNA and blind-study results supporting that these herbal remedies, minerals and techniques will benefit patients if the ingredients are cultivated, harvested and stored correctly. Integrative holistic medicine is today an equally science tested, respected and valuable tool in disease prevention and to restore well-being.Each person should be treated accordingly to their circumstances and specific condition to restore harmony and balance. Unlike a general Western approach, the individualized TCM treatment respects specific criteria to reduce the cause of heat, to restore correct liquid balance, sufficient mineral absorption and clear the body and mind of toxicity.

Capsule of Lingzhi Mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum

I can’t respond in this blog with a “one-for-all” general message that could aid anyone with LD on the road to their recovery. I have developed a daily powder mushroom mix loaded with beta-glucans (contact me), polysaccharides and psilocybin to add to your drink to help balancing liver health, spleen function and keep your blood circulation strong and clean. Today, most people respect that while taking heavy antibiotics they cannot drink alcohol and there is a need to replenish probiotic acidophilus… TCM has a multiplicity of effective treatment methods that can benefit you during the ABX treatment and restore health thereafter: You need to consult your specific case with your medical physician and include a TCM practitioner.

The best suggestion is a preventative approach – but at this point in my blog – it possibly sounds patronizing. If you are LD affected, currently consume pain-killers and stuggle to restore sleep, cope with fibromyalgia, with a sense of low-energy; I can assure you that a TCM inclusive regiment will benefit you. You must be ready to change the way you eat and change your daily routine. Learn about the power of mushroom extracts, like copsin produced by medicinal mushroom is responsible for this antibiotic effect.

I am in the process of re-writing my cookbook with specifically focusing on food choices to treat chronic disease and body-mind balancing recipes.

I hope this blog clears the general negative hype and unnecessary fear most people experience when first confronted with stories about “deadly” Lyme Disease or “crazy-making” ticks… It’s just a fraction of living alongside with nature on this magical planet.

TCMchef raphael