Home Land Security?

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I know this is going to be most provocative; but the deeper message intended is serious.

TSA has now implemented hundreds of their newest x-ray machines and before the years end we will have 1000+ of this radiation boxes in airports all over the United States. Growing up as a child the doctors would lay a heavy lead-belt on your groin to prevent the radiation from damaging your testicles; even now, radiologists as do current TSA employers “hide” behind protective barriers to prevent radiation damage to their bodies while claiming that the low rate of these rays are of no harm. Really?

Although the satirical notion that child molesters have a perfect opportunity to work for TSA and anyone into groping woman or men should be ecstatic about the newest level of results the past Bush administration has implemented with fear-tactical politics… I do recognize that a father must feel awkward and a mother irritated when their daughters and sons are being “padded” on the (TSA director quote) “…end of their torso…” We so happened to have a penis, testis (witness) or vagina on that “end”. That this is done with robber gloves or “…the back of the hand…” is of no soothing comfort when having a stranger uninvited reaching between my legs.

“You have a choice to travel without flying…” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano expresses. We all should take her up on this offer! That was a stupid and diminishing remark to enforce a piece of security implementation that ensures little overall security nor prevents any modern terrorist from being effective.

Whilst the lame-duck Senate is blocking nuclear arms treaty enabling truly dangerous people access to neglected archaic weapons her Homeland Security office aggressively campaigns on multiple media levels the need for security screening to prevent terrorist access to airports/aircrafts… should they acquire black market nukes.
I doubt they would carry that next to their dick…
Such propaganda to support the purchase of outdated screening machines works well – considering the average intelligence and lack of political participation is ranking us 19th in the world. Just compare: In face of Medi-Care reporting monthly 15’000 “accidental” death in US hospitals the little “damage” terrorists would add to the preventable death rate is laughable.

I have nothing against gays in the military, but any dude touching my junk while I’m hiolding my hands “straight” out sideways should send me roses the next day… What’s better: To have your naked images enjoyed by a junk of girsl or guys hidden in a video room laughing about the size of my prick, or a TSA prick checking the size of my junk while my friends twitter the image to the world? Either way I am exploited!

Let me “play” a little with this scenario on airports. Although the TSA claims that none of the clear naked images of scanned travelers will be stored or collected we have already over 1000 such images/video clips on the net proving their claim a lie. The accidental published secret documents of this TSA scanner indicates secular purposes; one of them to collect data i.e. height, weight and contour of people they (who?) find questionable. It is not surprising the Government would multi-task by implementing such x-ray computers – but the outdated excuse that this infringement of my privacy is to enhance my security – is going too far.

When I stand in line, in socks while witnessing the unhygienic undressing of other passangers (how can you walk barefoot in an airport?) – realizing the absurd lack of organization, knowing that any TSA employee with lesser education and background check could instantly add me to a terrorist watch list – enrages me. I should not care if he is gay when “padding” me down. Personally I ponder if they “reach” into the “pockets” of obese passengers, cause they could store explosive devises in the fold of their stomach skin? I watched a Buddhist monk calmly enduring the humiliating procedure while looking straight at a group of young travelers filming his strip-search on their i-phone; What was he thinking?

The bureaucrats in Washington, mostly traveling via private jets could impossibly imagine the psychological stress some parents endure when TSA employees fumble their off-springs. Today’s politician are poor representatives in fairly reflecting our concern, while protecting their endorsement… Terrorists have perfectly achieved what they intended; Americans now accept Government excused groping and storing of triple x images of their citizen. The abuse of these images has just not escalated to a concern of importance: Julia Roberts nude pic on twitter or the naked images of Brad Pitt’s kids on Facebook; already we have sexting of unimportant people=images circulating: It’s sexual exploitation, just TSA uses other words – like when they explain that they merely check the “end” of my torso. I would laugh, but this is just too sick. Have we really evolved to the level where parents now encourage their children: “…go ahead sweetie, let that man/woman touch you on your genitals, it’s for our security and quite alright…”

TSA not long ago adjusted to a national scandal having failed to properly back-ground check their employees. I’d like to know more about the people touching my sex! Government is calculating that once we are confronted with this security-check, halfway en route to our destination we would not share our disagreement. We can’t – we get arrested for refusing abuse… Indeed, as a Nation we are so egocentrically revoked from the notion that as a mass we have power; we fail to boykot flying: One day would force a change swiftly! Airlines could reject TSA from doing anything if they would realize serious loss of revenue.

I cannot gather a mass support but I encourage everyone to set their cellphones on “record” mode when approaching the TSA scanner and starts pushing the limits by recording TSA employees tapping (with the back of their hands…) children, nuns, politicians, celebs and grandmothers on breasts, penises and vaginas. Please, this is the only way to end this madness? Not? And if you capture the name of the molester; please publish it too! We can make a change!


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