I feel for that other one percent

The raising 99 percent movements in all parts of the world indicate an accumulative resentment to the unbalanced wealth and power distribution. Poorly guided by aggressively waving and shouting quarrellings of society – this growing groups express the unspoken aversion to the super-rich; While they (the one percent) comfortably maintain their luxurious meandering around laws, we – the lesser blessed – suffer past or repeated depression, recessions and Arab springs. It does churn my sense for fairness these days, while witnessing corrupt business investments, world political imbalance, the EU contagious crumbling and our unsuccessful personal efforts to stay ahead of pressing bills and old-tailed American comfort. Times have seemingly changed.
I still can’t ascertain an unified message in the Occupational precedence of my friends who invite me to participate…
Why would I become a nuisance to authorities when nobody can express a reason for this “standoff”? I realize that although the way of amending a majority respected change in Washington is impossible against powerful, lobbied rulers minority with privileged of a greater chance to have their self-protecting laws granted.

Soon we, the tax paying majority will have to bail out again the bonus advantaged managers of Wall street corporations…
Like the German guy who enters into the Hotel lobby in Greece: makes a 100Euro key deposit to check out the room before confirming his stay. As soon as he walks up the stairs, the Hotel owner runs to the butcher to pay off his weekly meat debt; the butcher hurries to the farmer and pays that 100Euro for the quarter cow he already utilized and the farmer pays this sum to the hooker for her past generosity and she returns to the hotel to equalize her debit for the last few visits – just in time for the German tourist to take back his deposit – while he declines to stay… Nobody in this “round-about pay-out” ever produced nor generated an income and the consequential dept cycle has already started again.

Americas productivity is lousy. As little as a government financial sustainability is possible in Italy when retirement was lowered to the age of 50… The US must admit that the archaic calculations for Social Security is wrong: There is no meandering around this reality. We eat more in average, work less, complain more, participate less in public causes, horde more, care less for others while constantly bombarded with media driven ideas of needing accessories, updates and luxurious bagatelle.
We measure our goals on the illusionary imageries of a few media-advantaged “stars” that set a standard of impossible accomplishment that can never be achieved. We idolize a common idiotic perception that our unified personal right is to compare success to anyone “above”. As if a reflection of true happiness and success is merely obtained when being that very rich person we now so begrudge for dictating an unattainable goal. Seven billion people and we all should be millionaires; we all should have food on the table, specified education, health, vacations, servants… errr wait a minute? No classifications…?

I find personal happiness in the fact that I am just simpler. Better off than many and admiring a many; able to help others and still knowing I could spare more. I find peace in the knowledge that some are not as lucky and others with privileges are not as smart. I ponder about my chances and embrace the fortitude for humbling moments. I cater to my friends (work as I love it…) and enjoy simple gestures of their presence. Presents too… Neither do I aspire to be rich nor do I envy their dealings. I do see a lot generosity from the wealthy few; but I realize that their gestures are less shiny compared to the foolish few that steal our attention with their prosperous braggings. My life has taught me to be suspicious and cautious when one group categorizes the other group on behalf of the actions of a few. In my business the nouveau-rich are likely to lack etiquette and old money shows no need to steal the spotlight. A few druggies do not frame that smarter group out on the fence in search for comon direction to equalize unjustice.

If there is “change” to come from the occupation it must foremost define the need for equal social service, healthcare, fair education and a simplification for “quality” of life. I like that young people tent together, touch, talk, debate and share “real” space amongst each other; I was slightly concerned that with all the isolated social media trends a whole generation will forget what a hug, an emotion or unity – face to face – feels like.

Go, occupy the parks, the schools and the streets in peace and find out what your message is; I might join in the near future…

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Freedom of speech

The right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to the laws against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion, etc.

I find myself sqeezed in an interesting dilemma; seeded and grown merely in my little head – triggered through an incident at a work meeting that left me pondering and rather inbalanced about my own views.

As a liberal and true democratic centered American, I treat my job assignments even in foreign lands from a basis of integrated US constitutional rights perspectives; a set of all inclusive human rights and (young) regulatory principals that within her complicity are well thought out, debated and defined by many brilliant minds. The US constitution.

I often find myself alert in a quench between the restrictive laws of other lands and my personal approach to silently guide from a set of citizen amendments. My respect for the home constitution outlining my roam of actions have defined a comfortable boundary wherein I act, think and find rectification when reflecting upon odd experiences and finding resolutions for confrontations and peace as a kind person.

In reverse: When people from other places arrive in the US, they bring with them “home-grown” habits and reflect their philosophical views that sometimes confront my set perspectives.

I was told once not to talk to others about things that bother me or affect me at my workplace; to not “steer-up” my emotional driven urge to voice my specific views but furthermore “report” my concerns or doubts to the manager instead… This at first seems such an absurd request; oppressing my first amendment rights but clearly, as it has been tested through every levels of the US court system I indeed have no legal protection for freedom of speech as employee of for-profit and non-profit corporations and other non-governmental employers.
Worth: The freedom of employers to terminate employment at any time, for any reason means that employees in private industry have no legal rights to freedom of speech.
Simply; as a private citizen who is not in the public eye, the law extends a lesser degree of constitutional protection to the Managers statements at issue.

And here starts my ponder. I manifested over the nearly 50 years of my existence to a standard of living that respects the constitution as a “rough-draft” designed for an intellectual elite with a dose of moral principals and a healthy respect for the living and Mother earth, that no law fairly includes the extremes on either end of a philosophical perspective. Yes, you can call your mom an “asshole” and a many groups test their “freedom” with extreme use or abuse to force defined outlines of the original drafts of our constitution; enforcing referendum, amendments and creating popular initiative. I’m however bothered by the fact of confrontation in the middle of these extremes when told at my workplace that I shall not express opinion, critique or compulsive notions as this would jeopardize my employment… And it could.

Looking upon the current political turmoil with this experience in mind: it defines precisely the mood and dismay of the odd scenario of competing aspirations to the Presidency on the republican ticket and in the growing mass of demonstrations about the dislike in discrepancies of power and wealth in this country. 98 percent of the people in today’s US Senate are registered millionaires debating if the richest could contribute with a larger tax participation to bail out our failing economy, while 98 percent of the population make up the “reality” of an average income group that has long seen their unreachable chances of the American dream erased.

What we have is the right to voice our opinion, to debacle and share our dismay possibly from a perspective of adapting to ideas, changes and contributing through this process in finding appeasing solutions. Any restrictions within a group or from the rein of leadership position is a very clumsy and uncomfortable idea for creating a work environment that invites for trust and respect. Communication is encouraged; any debate with fists and weapon or under “threat” is too simple for my person.

It is a young Nation in comparison; even the multiple definitions are fresh scares of tested ideas… I do believe that voicing my every thought has liberated me from becoming an introverted recluse. I respect the idea of discipline and decorum too much and strive for medium; a comfortable balance – although constantly curious about the edges of my roam…

A toilet for the school in poopoh

October is that month in my life that brings me on the cusp of melancholy. Somehow I find myself cautiously tapping through the days, paying great attention not to be involved with conflicts, quarrels and debacles; for all such interferences tends to afflict me more during the late summer period. The richest harvest time of the year, when mind and body is required to concentrate on canning, preserving and taking in a rich array of the fruit of the year.

Psychologically this is a time to clear postponed dilemmas, solve delayed burdens and free the mind for a peaceful hibernating season ahead. Being, that I am a gregarious character, often surrounded by souls in need of help – I tend to have a heap of unsolved battles and a mind full of unshackled ideas that easily spook my mind. I’m not a procrastinator; rather consider myself too kind to reject taking on more duties than I can process. I do fall asleep content that my actions are from a core of good intentions.

I stride through the fall season with a sense of clearing postponed duties, solving old dilemmas and solution finding for ideas that bounce back as unchallenged. The New Years Solution – angst is never a January 1st point for me to activate digressive burdens from yesteryear; I start my springtime with a clear pallet for creative ideas and love new challenges that await me. But first, I’m cleaning out:

The old TCM TV show has been on the burner for too long. I will give it a forceful push and wish someone would pick up this brilliant idea for a cooking show; full of information, ideas and suggestions to sustain in a polluted world. How come nobody picks up this fantastic concept? I will post my TV shows from Asia on youtube in my home page: www.youtube.com/chefraphael

I managed with a few exceptions to keep my humble home to myself, but currently host a friend to support his efforts in building a sustainable business. It baffles me how many young kids take life for granted, lazy slackers, unmotivated peeps with an overly inflated attitude and the courtesy of pigeon clinging to a gutter… The world owes you nothing – but kindness is always rewarded. The ALC bike ride to raise money for the CA and SF AIDS foundation is lurking, training should start soon.

My mom’s reflections – after her second husband shed from earthly living – are odd: I experience her different from before; she probably has not changed much; I simply start “seeing” her. During the odd and sad dying scenario, her curious grieving – I established contact with my stepsister, a very pleasant connection which twists the uncomfortable spectacle of the last few weeks into a surprising embracement with a new soul. Turns out my Nanny frm childhood is in better standing with mom than myself… (this looks even to me like a jealous remark…) It does teach me, that as humans we tend to be most gullible when having to bow to etiquette of society rather than being free to react truthfully from within: I don’t think my mom is foremost sad about her partner passing – I think she is sincerely angered for being left alone, without having someone to care for that merely co-exist while silently accepting her egocentric nature. Now, a sub-renter in her house seemingly is taking advantage of this situation, causing conflict and obscurity – I stay distant; My logic and simple perspectives would only cause ruckus. It does hurt having to bite my tongue!

My TCM schoolbook is ready for printing and I experience writer-fears: What if I want to change something after I sign off the proof-of-print? I could daily sit down and change and change the manuscript… The graphic designer, though still unpaid, is moving from town – I’m coursed with half-invested entities; a sign that quality work is hard to come by, even when the economy screams for humbly adjusting ones attitude and giving more than just average American service. As it is late summer – I need to let go and accept that the current version is good and clearly could never satisfy me in the future: That’s what editions are for! All I need now is a sponsor to publish the darn thing: HELLO! (I could ask mom… joke)

I raised money for strangers with HIV, financed a new roof for my God children’s house and bought a motorbike for their dad. We are now building a most needed, first toilet for the school in PooPoh where 86 children have no access to a latrine! If anyone wants to donate a few bucks for this project, PLEASE: I will need to build a website www.PooPoh.com and create a fanclub for this jungle village on the ocean front in Indonesia. One dollar is equal ten through my hands…

I paid all my bills and ponder about a dive vacation. A time spent for myself. No responsibilities to care for another, not having to compromise ideas; a week for myself, with myself. I will not bring my computer, will not watch CNN and restrain from wondering if anyone out there can cope without me. I will let the last week of October slip passed me, quietly, undisturbed and sheepishly cheat myself a week of living on the brink of obsessing that October is the month that could trouble me…

The thought of this comforts me greatly. I will rejoin society with newfound energy, open arms to help others and energized to fatten-up mind and body for the next winter.

Chef Raphael

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"The pursuit of happiness doesn't apply to gay folks…"

This is Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s view, lecturing a quote of the Declaration of Independence after winning fourth place in Saturday’s Iowa Straw Poll.

Santorum, invited by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) paired up with the Family Research Council (FRC) and the Susan B. Anthony List to promote his nomination during their four-day tour in opposition to the legalization of gay marriage.

Within we have more confusion of history, personalized hate and ugly misrepresentation of basic principles in one nasty bundle of attempt to collect attention in the hope to become President of the United States. The witch-crafting O’Donnell, TV celebrity Palin and a poorly coached Bachmann just keep popping back up in the extreme bleachers of politics. Party switching Perry nor bickering Paul are candidates either. Republicans are stumbling over their own ideologies!

First off: The little gay “rights” there are, should not be a forefront topic in debacle about presidential credibility. It’s a sore topic in the eye of narrow-minded people and the cause for unkind negative emotions, especially when pinning quickly a sensitive opponent to their detestable perspective of citizens that are different. But heck they all are preaching to the choir which have moved even further extreme.

Read the FRC mission statement to understand why I am confused. As a valuable human being, at the age of eight I knew, I was gay. Today, gay kids would suddenly find themselves excluded by either of the above organizations. Unluckily born into a religious surrounding they might end up forced into gay rehabilitation at the Bachman “clinic”. The FRC stamps gays “by God, the author of life” – an imperfection. Family values for all – with the exceptions of gays and those not as “Christian” as this human-group created Council perceives creation to be.

Susan B Anthony, a woman’s right activist, strongly rejected the notion that groups should organize worships guided by priests to experience God. As a Quaker, teacher and agnostic she voiced her believe that woman should be considered an equal in all standards of American society, as should slaves, Natives and gays… In 1920 the 19th amendment finalized her fight and woman had the right to vote.

I understand why a lesser informed Michele Bachman hides behind strong characters of the past whilst defending her “secondary” standard as an obeying Christian housewife (to a gay-ish husband, nonetheless…) – But the merger of the extremely “non-gay” oriented Family Research Council to collaborate with a today’s not so liberal and not all inclusive Susan B Anthony List – is a stunning contortion of true historic reflection.

These two groups indeed conciliate and find common agreement of an all embracing perspective by supporting a candidate that could become the Leader of ALL US people (odd, ill, sad, poor, gay, past and future… and every other kind with not so Judeo-Christina values). Is it not ironic and shocking that their candidate limits his focus on gay marriage rights, the very idiom they have no compassion for.

I must ponder that we forget our own short history so quickly: Unable with Google to verify simple facts – i.e. the birth date of Elvis, or the views of Susan B Anthony. Not even the short-term history when Ohioans, the first state to adapt the gay marriage act, now “elected” Michele Bachman as their choice to represent the Republican party and their pressing gay issues.

I’m confident, the 2012 elections will not be a straw poll, an archaic word-choice for a way of voting in our all inclusive world-leading Nation, struggling to adapt to modernity. Gay is not a political topic. Work, productivity, China exports, US army contracts, education budget cuts, market corruption, famine within our borders and drug laws should lead political discussions.

We are fear and short-term pleasure addicts, sharing bagatelle past-facts on Face book and Twitter reducing our innate bias and once long-term views to short-worded emotionless expressions of risk-reduced messages, instead of communicating what we should fear in the future. Mainstream media selfishly narrows on details to create leading stories. Our broad thinking is reduced to text message sensations and ego boosting dopamine trips; distracted by fashion, live tv, pop and financial struggles.

I fear my peers that refuse to self-educate. Research, read, engages in philosophical debates. Hold back your strong opinions and open your eyes, ears and mind to multiple perspectives to gain an average and protective resource of ideas. Create theories, study true history. Your individual mind should be a flexible world controlled by your wisdom merely influenced with sparks of reactions and processed emotions. Knowledge leads to happiness.

The lazy tendency to gather in groups and repeat short-worded messages leaves nothing but an effluvium of poorly digested half-truth. American sanity has to start with our effort to embrace everyone, loud, confused, opinionated and hateful as a part of our liberal society. We must find amongst ourselves a leader who is distinguished by a virtue of recognizing and voicing the essence that holds a multi-colored, religiously diversified and sexually liberated or oppressed Nation in constraint. Someone with decorum.

For now, I don’t grip that the Republican party has anyone on the level of President Obama’s Ghandi-esq leadership and the possibility of any of the emerging candidates confronting him in a televised debate is entertaining spectacle at most. Candidates decorating themselves with feathers of what others have achieved while spewing negativity to portrait a “better self” are pretenders.

Rick Santorum stands corrected by his odd attempt to re-word my constitutional phrase: The pursuit of happiness IS our right!

chef Raphael

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Consulting chef Rapheal Gamon

To Whom This May Concern

I am available immediately to step into my next responsibility and assist with my expertise in rejuvenating Resort destinations, Spa businesses and boutique Hotels.

I successfully developed Spa concepts, created multi-level Restaurant forums and implemented team building strategies to strengthen service quality. I have assisted in the construction and finalization of F&B modifications, adjusted stressed businesses to adapt to the demanding requests of today’s travelers and my experience expands in brand recognition and targeted solution presentation to overcome modernization while in operations.

My forte is to refine the core mission of your entity through expanding the quality of service, train/motivate staff to achieve excellence in their duty and with my world-culinary pallet adapt to the specific requests to successfully model menu selection, service standard and Spa presentations for your local and foreign visitors.

I’m a diligent, meticulous mentor with a kind approach to problematic and my resume will reflect my gentile methodology; for I believe in enhancing the best in everyone.

My work as Consultant Chef/ Spa Concept developer has achieved excellence in Europe, US and South East Asia where I studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Through my curricular activities i.e. Scuba Dive Instructor and Spa Chef-Instructor – I present a broad expertise in enhancing and reviving any Hotel to their top achieving level of service.

Please feel free to consult with your specific questions; raphael@privatechef.com


Chef Raphael

Alfalfa & Sweet Beets(sugar beets)

A copy of this letter will be sent to President Obama and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack along with your comments:
Dear President Obama and Secretary Vilsack,
I urge that you halt the sale and planting of Monsanto’s recently approved Roundup Ready® GMO alfalfa and sugar beets until independent, peer-reviewed studies can be conducted to determine whether or not these products pose a threat to plant, animal and human health.
On January 17 of this year, Dr. Don Huber, an internationally recognized plant pathologist, wrote Secretary Vilsack an urgent letter warning of a credible threat to animal and human health and our food supply. The letter warned of a link between Roundup Ready GMO crops, the use of the herbicide Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) and serious plant diseases and animal infertility and abortions.
Dr. Huber’s letter detailed the discovery of an organism previously unknown to science by a team of U.S. scientists that had been linked to alarming levels of infertility and spontaneous abortions in livestock. The organism has been found in high concentrations in Roundup Ready corn and soybean meal and distillers grain fed to these animals, resulting in infertility rates as high as 20% and spontaneous abortion rates as high as 45% in cattle herds.
Unfortunately, the administration and USDA have failed to heed this warning and properly respond, despite serious and credible concerns laid out in his letter. Rather than proceed with caution after receiving such alarming information, the Obama administration chose to bow to pressure from vested interests in the agriculture industry and fully deregulate Monsanto’s Roundup Ready® alfalfa and sugar beets less than 3 weeks after receiving Dr. Huber’s letter.
As a result of this failure to conduct due diligence, the decision to deregulate these crops should be reversed, and the White House and the USDA should impose a moratorium on the sale and planting of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa and sugar beet seeds until independent studies have been conducted documenting their safety.
Furthermore, the practice of allowing Monsanto and other companies to provide internal, corporate-funded studies, while interfering with and intimidating independent scientists and researchers, must end.
It is vital to the future of our democracy and the safety of American citizens that scientists and governmental agencies conduct and review independent scientific studies on the environmental, animal and human health implications of genetically modified crops and foods.

ALC 10 Aids Life Cycle(Aids Ride California)

Dear Friends

One evening at a private dinner party in 2005 I met Lou Rosenblate. Instantly we connected; discussed food, molecular gastronomy and the sensation for anything that stimulates our receptors in varied – or unusual combinations. Through Lou’s daily inspirations, I dived back behind the home stove, re-enacted old tricks and unfolded buried old recipe sheets hidden between cookbooks. “You’re the best…!”

He would encourage the devil in me (culinarially), showed up for dinners with new findings, recipes he clipped, stories of discoveries and openings. Foremost, he was a delightful dinner guest for a chef: He salivated, raved, aaah’d and complimented sauces and nuisances over pretty much everything I prepared for his delightful cravings. He would inquire every bit of food I had in a day, curios if I enjoyed or just ate. Lou never learned to cook with an odd adversity to baking.

One day he confessed he was HIV positive and since I had an extensive knowledge about health-food and Traditional Chinese Medicine he asked if I could help him with a healthy diet. Surprised, I found myself lacking sufficient knowledge but comforted him that his passion for food, regardless of calories or fat was a soul-pleasing aspect and mind-curing life-style. I promised to study the specifics first. “You do that, chef – you’re the best…!”

We planned a culinary trip to South Africa after my return from work in Asia. The planning of this seven-day trip required us to eat five times a day not to miss any of the spectacular restaurants and local specialties. It was all about food!

It was utterly shocking when I received a message from his twin sister that Lou had died in his sleep. Just like that. Dead at 48, gone. With that a friendship erased, a support vanished, meals uncooked; I boxed away cookbooks.

I still feel this awkward empty pain when thinking about him: When a market stores Quince Jelly next to aged cheese, when a food Magazine raves about Chilli laced Cheescake, a cocktail waiter entices Rum soaked Goosberries with Goatcheese or when someone asks if I’d tasted dark chocolate with bacon pieces… Yes, Lou introduced me to it. He was merely a gourmet connection and he still pops in my mind and shows his presence. Nobody should die nowadays of HIV infections: it’s absurd. But – people do. For weeks I was angry and confused.

I’m participating for the 2nd time in ALC 10 (Aids Ride California). To play along in the spirit of Lou’s obsession and because it’s funny as a chef to observe absurd realities – I will post daily a detailed list of my food and drink intake between June 4th – 11th 2011 to share with you what it takes to burn 5000 calories a day bicycling 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Our 7 day journey will raise money and awareness in support of Centers in both cities in their fight to end AIDS.
I rely on your generous support in raising at least $3000 to participate. Please, become a donor and within connected to a cause that will prevent future friendships and families from being early interrupted. There is still a general lack for compassion and much need for research and medicines.

We all share a common ground on earth, live in one short cycle of actions and must allow ourselves to make donations and share wealth, as this is direly needed in the midst of the political chaos and aid-strangulations we experience. Thank You from the bottom of my heart and in the name of Lou’s family and all his friends.

Follow me on Facebook.

You’re the best!

Chef Raphael Gamon www.AidsLifeCycle.org go to donation and JUST DO IT!

All this for steam

Nuclear Power for Steam

I was six years old when my father painted my body yellow with a huge biohazard sign across my little chest and dragged me to an anti-Nuclear-facility-demonstration in Switzerland, protesting the construction of the second AW (Atom Werk) in progress.

When in late April of 1986 the accident of Chernobyl scarred half of Europe into the reality of the risks of using the “power of the sun” as my father expressed; I was well educated in his views on my Plutonium Power Generation; He, as a professor for mathematics, physics and chemistry on the ETH (Swiss University for Science and Technology) had instilled a very strong perception on the ignorance of indeterminacy risk by generating energy through BWR (boiling water reactors).

So, I am a geek when it comes to this specific knowledge on Nuclear risk; indoctrinated from early childhood on. With the recent catastrophic development in Japan I have come to realize that I need to educate a very “blind” generation with simplicity and passion: Everyone should be very alert about the reality of the Fukushima Nuclear power plant catastrophe. Sorry, this is scary!

In 1967 the plans to build six Nuclear reactors in the Futabe District about 140 miles SE of Tokyo on an earthquake fault caused engineers to quit their respected jobs, frustrated that the Tokyo Electric Company and the conservative Government would not regard their warnings… The construction started in 1971. Yes, the plans are that old, the security is outdated and the population has expanded 240% in the surrounding area. Partially because there had not been an accident and foremost since real estate boomed in the late 80’s and compliance is a human trait.

All the signs were there: Today, Chernobyl caused over 1 million people to die painfully on cancer, we have over 20’000 people in an 300 mile area of ground zero living with Thyroid cancer and no farmland can produce vegetables beyond or above grounds that should be used for living consumption; Although people live in that area, grow food and are sickly and even infertile. Today, 40% of Northern Europe produces crop and produce that contains elements of radioactivity that is considered harmful (60 times above some dubious guidelines) to humans and certain products from Turkey, like Hazelnuts are sold worldwide, even so they are unsafe…

Back to Japan. We have six Nuclear reactors damaged. Three of them without shielding cover. Two of the cooling towers blown out by a hydrogen explosion and with it about 250 pieces of highly radioactive spent fuel-rods scattered all over the place. Also they are “old” rods, they still need to be cooled for about sixty years (we don’t really know, because we have no reference…) If you held one of these cladded twenty inch long and ½ inch wide rods next to your face you would die within minutes of radiation burns. Your skin would boil and fall off your face. Standing ten feet away you would die within days of inner organ burns, your eyes would dry out and your brain shrink and this old rods radiate in dangerous high measurement even 1 mile away to such an extreme, they can cause anyone to experience skin eruptions in month and years to come: internal damage equal to an AIDS patients dying of a whipped out immune system. Hey, I’m not trying to scare you, we know this for fact from Chernobyl. Google some pictures… So, twice, 250 pounds of these rods in each of the cooling roofs are blown all over the place… It’s a mess. Two towers missing, a third roof partially gone.

After the earthquake the electricity went out. The Tsunami took out four generators the size of a Midwest farm barn, usually assisting in an emergency supply of energy needed for the 3M L H2O pM (one million gallon of water per minute!) to keep the facilities running safely. About 30 tons of Nuclear waste needs to be cooled every year… Besides, it takes lot’s of water to cool the 500 lbs of active purified Uranium in the core of each facility to keep it from melting; a term used when a critical stage of heat is overstepped (we are not sure about this precise measurement either) the rods will burn, glow or melt uncontrollably and there is no stopping it… Not even salt water that was pumped directly from the ocean and washed back radioactive…

To date, 500 lbs in each of the six buildings are not cooled correctly; two of the cooling pools are pretty much exposed or empty and the Zirconium covered rods are evaporating, overheating, releasing a radioactive steam that can cause bone cancer, Typhoid cancer and all sorts of allergies for the next 600 years on earth. Okay, it eventually dilutes in the atmospheric region but some will rain down on fields and foremost oceans where it will be absorbed by plankton feeding crustaceans, feeding little fish, feeds big fish and is surely absorbed by us with no escape. It only takes 1/M of a gram to cause cancer in a human being. Five lbs of this yellow cake Plutonium is enough to cause cancer in all living species on earth. (That includes us…)

Right now we have 1000 lbs of activated Uranium leaking radioactive energy all over the place on Japan, spews variations of radiation traveling into the winds and cruising onwards Northern America and “falling out” (rain) onto the freshly sprouted farmlands. The energy released by each core is equal to 1000 Hiroshima bombs – not a mathematical matter we can ignore or brush aside as insignificant. Yes, it only took 5lbs to make the Nagasaki bomb.

I was furious about the oil spill in the golf of Mexico, but the catastrophic reality happening right now on Japan is by far the worst result caused by the greedy need for energy. A human notion we could play with the energies of the sun gone slightly wrong.

For the first six weeks we are in danger of Iodine 129 causing guaranteed Typhoid cancer, well that has nearly past (the EPA claims… but all private research levels are still alarmingly high and the energies released have not diminished), for the fact of fission radiation of Cesium – well, let’s look at it this way: Einstein estimated it would linger 600 years in ground water supplies and possibly harm any living organ in this time frame…

Strontium 90 however will cause radiation damage for at least 500 million years, but heck – who cares… That is a freaking long time and nobody will know, really…

As a Buddhist I have to end this “outburst” with a kind and encouraging note: Indeed, there are solutions that Nature offers us to cope with the never-ending pollution brought upon humanity by brilliant minds. We can adjust our intake, be it physically and mentally; it does require we become informed and don’t shy away from the information available. Self-promoting as it seems, I do teach courses in cooking and consuming healthy food that can boost our immune response and aids our abilities to cope in this short cycle of wondrous living.

Chef Raphael

Consultingn Chef Rapheal Gamon

To Whom This May Concern

I am available immediately to step into my next responsibility and assist with my expertise in rejuvenating Resort destinations, Spa businesses and boutique Hotels.

I successfully developed Spa concepts, created multi-level Restaurant forums and implemented team building strategies to strengthen service quality. I have assisted in the construction and finalization of F&B modifications, adjusted stressed businesses to adapt to the demanding requests of today’s travelers and my experience expands in brand recognition and targeted solution presentation to overcome modernization while in operations.

My forte is to refine the core mission of your entity through expanding the quality of service, train/motivate staff to achieve excellence in their duty and with my world-culinary pallet adapt to the specific requests to successfully model menu selection, service standard and Spa presentations for your local and foreign visitors.

I’m a diligent, meticulous mentor with a kind approach to problematic and my resume will reflect my gentile methodology; for I believe in enhancing the best in everyone.

My work as Consultant Chef/ Spa Concept developer has achieved excellence in Europe, US and South East Asia where I studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Through my curricular activities i.e. Scuba Dive Instructor and Spa Chef-Instructor – I present a broad expertise in enhancing and reviving any Hotel to their top achieving level of service.

Please feel free to consult with your specific questions; raphael@privatechef.com


Chef Raphael

new article published

A cure to your health woes?
By Elizabeth Mutambara on 10/05/2010

Pick up a toy, a dinner plate or even an electronic good and chances are you will see a ‘Made in China’ tag.

It shouldn’t surprise you though; after all, the Chinese people have been making and inventing things for a long time: paper, the compass, gunpowder and printing have all originated from China.

The Chinese also invented technologies that involve mechanics, hydraulics, and mathematics applied to things such as astronomy, agriculture, music theory, engineering, nautics, craftmanship and warfare.

They have also, for centuries, been practicing a form of traditional medicine based on the philosophical concept that the human body is a small universe with a set of complete and sophisticated interconnected systems that work in balance to maintain the healthy function of the body.

Chef Raphael Gamon (pictured) says that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reduces not only the doctor visits and ailments, but it also reduces the medical bills.

TCM has been around for over 3000 years and integrates traditional herbs into cooking, which help supports a healthy diet and improve the way you feel.

“The food that we eat can make a major difference to our long-term health, if we learn to eat properly, which is where TCM comes into play,” Raphael says.

“Don’t worry, this isn’t going to bore on about cutting our meat and eating your veggies – TCM is about cooking for taste, for health and for enjoyment.”

And by eating certain foods, you help your body maintain that healthy function.

For example, consuming the Chinese yam is reportedly supposed to help balance your hormones and strengthen the stomach while red dates and goji berries are meant to increase your blood circulation.

“This is not hocus-pocus potions and remedies. It is an accepted form of cuisine that they have been enjoying tastefully in Asia since well before the USA was discovered,” Raphael says.

However, consuming certain Chinese herbal medicine involves a risk of allergic reactions (like most foods) and in rare cases, there may be poisoning.

Poisoning is usually due to introducing toxic herbs in your diet, which thankfully, are not available in most western countries.