Home Land Security?

I know this is going to be most provocative; but the deeper message intended is serious.

TSA has now implemented hundreds of their newest x-ray machines and before the years end we will have 1000+ of this radiation boxes in airports all over the United States. Growing up as a child the doctors would lay a heavy lead-belt on your groin to prevent the radiation from damaging your testicles; even now, radiologists as do current TSA employers “hide” behind protective barriers to prevent radiation damage to their bodies while claiming that the low rate of these rays are of no harm. Really?

Although the satirical notion that child molesters have a perfect opportunity to work for TSA and anyone into groping woman or men should be ecstatic about the newest level of results the past Bush administration has implemented with fear-tactical politics… I do recognize that a father must feel awkward and a mother irritated when their daughters and sons are being “padded” on the (TSA director quote) “…end of their torso…” We so happened to have a penis, testis (witness) or vagina on that “end”. That this is done with robber gloves or “…the back of the hand…” is of no soothing comfort when having a stranger uninvited reaching between my legs.

“You have a choice to travel without flying…” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano expresses. We all should take her up on this offer! That was a stupid and diminishing remark to enforce a piece of security implementation that ensures little overall security nor prevents any modern terrorist from being effective.

Whilst the lame-duck Senate is blocking nuclear arms treaty enabling truly dangerous people access to neglected archaic weapons her Homeland Security office aggressively campaigns on multiple media levels the need for security screening to prevent terrorist access to airports/aircrafts… should they acquire black market nukes.
I doubt they would carry that next to their dick…
Such propaganda to support the purchase of outdated screening machines works well – considering the average intelligence and lack of political participation is ranking us 19th in the world. Just compare: In face of Medi-Care reporting monthly 15’000 “accidental” death in US hospitals the little “damage” terrorists would add to the preventable death rate is laughable.

I have nothing against gays in the military, but any dude touching my junk while I’m hiolding my hands “straight” out sideways should send me roses the next day… What’s better: To have your naked images enjoyed by a junk of girsl or guys hidden in a video room laughing about the size of my prick, or a TSA prick checking the size of my junk while my friends twitter the image to the world? Either way I am exploited!

Let me “play” a little with this scenario on airports. Although the TSA claims that none of the clear naked images of scanned travelers will be stored or collected we have already over 1000 such images/video clips on the net proving their claim a lie. The accidental published secret documents of this TSA scanner indicates secular purposes; one of them to collect data i.e. height, weight and contour of people they (who?) find questionable. It is not surprising the Government would multi-task by implementing such x-ray computers – but the outdated excuse that this infringement of my privacy is to enhance my security – is going too far.

When I stand in line, in socks while witnessing the unhygienic undressing of other passangers (how can you walk barefoot in an airport?) – realizing the absurd lack of organization, knowing that any TSA employee with lesser education and background check could instantly add me to a terrorist watch list – enrages me. I should not care if he is gay when “padding” me down. Personally I ponder if they “reach” into the “pockets” of obese passengers, cause they could store explosive devises in the fold of their stomach skin? I watched a Buddhist monk calmly enduring the humiliating procedure while looking straight at a group of young travelers filming his strip-search on their i-phone; What was he thinking?

The bureaucrats in Washington, mostly traveling via private jets could impossibly imagine the psychological stress some parents endure when TSA employees fumble their off-springs. Today’s politician are poor representatives in fairly reflecting our concern, while protecting their endorsement… Terrorists have perfectly achieved what they intended; Americans now accept Government excused groping and storing of triple x images of their citizen. The abuse of these images has just not escalated to a concern of importance: Julia Roberts nude pic on twitter or the naked images of Brad Pitt’s kids on Facebook; already we have sexting of unimportant people=images circulating: It’s sexual exploitation, just TSA uses other words – like when they explain that they merely check the “end” of my torso. I would laugh, but this is just too sick. Have we really evolved to the level where parents now encourage their children: “…go ahead sweetie, let that man/woman touch you on your genitals, it’s for our security and quite alright…”

TSA not long ago adjusted to a national scandal having failed to properly back-ground check their employees. I’d like to know more about the people touching my sex! Government is calculating that once we are confronted with this security-check, halfway en route to our destination we would not share our disagreement. We can’t – we get arrested for refusing abuse… Indeed, as a Nation we are so egocentrically revoked from the notion that as a mass we have power; we fail to boykot flying: One day would force a change swiftly! Airlines could reject TSA from doing anything if they would realize serious loss of revenue.

I cannot gather a mass support but I encourage everyone to set their cellphones on “record” mode when approaching the TSA scanner and starts pushing the limits by recording TSA employees tapping (with the back of their hands…) children, nuns, politicians, celebs and grandmothers on breasts, penises and vaginas. Please, this is the only way to end this madness? Not? And if you capture the name of the molester; please publish it too! We can make a change!


I should be writing about the newest recipes or the least stages of the school curriculum I wrote to teach TCM to chef students and nutritionists, but two weeks before the mid-term elections I cant resist to ponder about politics; a topic that is very present in my daily life these days.

The political pendulum is not stagnant. As soon Republicans dominate the upper and lower house the public reflection seems liberal and as it stands with a fragile Democratic majority running the Senate the peoples cry for conservatism is huge.

A new and insulting anti-Obama movie hits the theaters; possibly a Republican variation of a Michael Moore half-truths-entertainment; only more aggressive and equally confusing with overplayed facts and false claims.

The very odd reality of having seriously “off-the-track” characters running for both parties to be voted into Government positions is comical; From witchcraft to Nazi Sturmbandfuehrer the annoying adds and media propaganda are bombarding us with fact findings and word pickings that make a fair choice difficult. I understand that the burden on US citizen is strained with housing costs pressuring and socio economic status being compared and shifted, but I equally believe that the reasons that now ugly surface after this recession have been neglected for too long.

We have become apathetic to the need of producing American made goods, spoiled our children with food that borders on criminal intent, restricted the teachers to an excess that bullies can scare a few gentle souls to commit suicide, trusting the doctors to prescribe pharma synthetics to treat hypochondriac symptoms, maxed out every plastic card mailed from greedy banks and luring mega stores, offered our sons and daughters to liberalize or democratize lands that hate and disrespect what we stand for, stretched the limits of our first amendment by people that deserve no media attention and bonded to Arabia and China our need for wasteful products which further pollute body, land and spirit.

Now we turn on President Obama, because he should have cleared this mess in the two years he’s been in power, rescued us and made us rich, complacent and comfortable again – bring the soldiers back alive, reduce the debt, control the financial institutions, keep us healthy for a minimum of cost and give us a job that is easy and brings in lots of dough, so we can all re-purchase a house and gamble on Wallstreet… That’s just not going to happen!

Here is my recipe for the month: Get out of your depressive position, slim down your needs and lend a hand to swing this economy back into motion. Work a little more, use some extra money and spend it on American made product, shop in your neighborhood store, deal with your illness before you get sick and eat healthier; fresh farm produce to strengthen your immune system. Talk with your kids and your teacher, encourage them that you are in their support, help a neighbor in need, smile more, respect your first amendment and praise the fact you could… – that does not mean you should say it.

Foremost: VOTE this time and give your President some slack, he has done more than most of us did in these last two years!


It’s sadly foggy in Los Angeles; the NEWS reports that we are experiencing 20 degree lower than average temperatures today… But sunshine is forecast for the next days…

An odd anniversary is around the corner; the reminder of 9/11… I don’t promote the celebration of negative moments, nor would I recommend to annually highlight the glorious past times… We should appreciate the moments “that is” and focus on an immediate and improved future.

The “evoke the constitutional rights” when burning books to fuel fires of emotions is another odd reality. Is the media truly this bias to elevate the simple mind of a “religious leader” (to merely a group of people) to such National recognition? It would be easy to dismiss any of these participants as uneducated or narrow minded; but seemingly that too would be protested. I do insist that well traveled people have a more relaxed and composed understanding for the beautiful difference that unifies the patchwork of Nations on this little planet.

America is stuck in a self adapted cycle of reaction; Education has been neglected, kids send off to fight in wars that supposed to be a “mission of Democracy” and a whole new generation of young kids are poisoned with food products that clearly have created an onslaught of side effects we cant curve… The results are physically and mentally damaged generations; influenced by millionaire radio talk-hosts enticing them to believe that it is terrible to be poor and Government is their enemy… Except for the few that make it off as a winner in America has talent… (An English show)

Add to this religion; a mélange of fantastic perspectives of “what could be” with Theoretical dogmas of “what will happened if…” and you are presented with this Nation of word twisting, reality revoked, gun trained, media thirsty and guidance rejecting USofA struggling to adapt to competitive existing and unable to simply accept that living happy starts foremost within oneself. If we keep pointing out the “wrong” in others, maybe we look better in comparison? Is it okay to mention American Idol here?…

The Muslim Center in New York would not even be a media story if any of the “neutral” reporters would investigated why several Mayors and NY Governors failed twenty years to assign this building as a Historic landmark: The true story of a very unpleasant chapter of “accepting” simply escalates now into hate and blame.

Floods in the India worlds, the “mysterious” disappearance of millions of barrels of oil in the Gulf and the fragile idea of bringing “peace” to Afghanistan; all these illusions defeating the inability we could change the reality by merely reporting it from a positive perspective. Today alone the signs are clear: A wildfire raging in Colorado, an unusual Alaska cold-front cooling down the West, parts of Texas expecting record rain and this fog here in the peak of Summer cooling down California: However “nice” the media is trying to present the future, we all need to participate in the “better” of our future.

Any information coming only from one source will be one-sided. Anything we do that is extremely unusual will be extreme. Anyone trying to convince us about their “truth” is influencing another. It is okay to have strong opinions, but often – in respect to the first Amendment of our Constitutional rights – it would be wise to not form everything that floats through our busy minds into words.
Within I have to restrain calling anyone with simple perspectives – stupid. But it is increasingly frightening to live in a nation that consumes so much poisonous material: from inhaling toxins in the air to the terrible irate foods offered in cheap stores, to the silly gossip we tell/text each other, the loud and meaningful-lyric-deprived music we adapt, the silly faux and steroid enhanced heroes we praise in sports and the mean spirited few that cause ruckus by burning theoretical “religion”, beating, disrespecting others… We might only be hyper reacting to all the synthetics consumed and could actually be quite sane: Antihistamine anyone?

I’ve pleaded in my blogs like this before. Simply stop reacting: Find a way to defuse your immediate notion to react. Stop texting for a day, TV for a day, smile off a rude comment and turn it into something funny. Really, you could not? Laugh off the idea of changing others but set an example of being reasonable. Stay away from negative influence and respect efforts that intend to please and become a part of change from negativity to beautification. Do it for yourself. If it is true that Nature can deal with an oil-spill of such horrid amounts, we should be able to “pest control” our little lives for just a few hours. Start with eating healthy products, detox your body and mind. Listen to soothing music and speak out a compliment while holding a hand, smile more.

Yes, I believe that the sun will shine again, if not tomorrow – certainly within the next few days… I love my weather forecast.

Happy Birthday America

It is not the day I celebrate in elaborate fashion; I simply can’t afford it. The much talked about ‘recovery’ and the chance of a new ‘dip’ is concerning me. Living in Los Angeles hides the reality of struggles in the suburbs; Sunset strip and Santa Monica beaches are bustling; although I do see the many empty storefronts for rent and wonder about this false pretense of ‘normality’ – sorry, recovery.

My real estate friend has posted over the last few month his encouraging messages of ‘turned-around’ housing markets and proclaims that this is a clear sign the US economic struggles are past and the housing sales is back onto track to be even busier than before. However, banks are hesitant in lending and the statistics indicate that barrowing has become restricted to very unique individuals with credit scores in the high seven hundreds…

Europe, a leading statistical perspective of the mirror effects that await us in the USofA has kindly rejected Obama’s invitation to infuse more money into their struggling productivity divisions and most European leaders have actually initiated drastic budget cuts in their government sectors causing protest and uproar throughout the EU. The global power nations are re-enforcing loans to be paid and demanding help. We all owe each other, intricate contracts that each party is contesting; no money is available to anyone…

I smile about the ‘double-dip’ comments or the overly ‘positive- encouraging’ sellers trying to cash in on one more chance – a requisite-gesture from the over-inflated dealings of the past: This is the time for creativity, simplicity and a great chance to concentrate on building a solid future from the bottom up. I foresee a difficult future for all the slackers and anyone holding on to the notion that we have ‘survived’ the recent recession might be missing out on the fact that there is another one already brewed.

The question we should ask is a simple one: How can we help each other. To start finger-pointing details or assume ‘non est factum’ is wasting time that should be invested in turning your positive perceptions into future oriented productivity. I find myself recently encouraging friends to be creative, to re-invent their business, to adjust wisely to this economic reality and to ignore the absurd ‘recovery’ theories.

Newly fascinated with bicycle riding, after having joined the ALC 2009, I am convinced that the biking business is the next big ‘green’ fashion-move in the US. Eating healthy, cooking at home and re-using products will be a new standard; we have spoiled ourselves and need to simplify. Friends will rejoin; not by texting sweet messages or sexting endearing pictures – by dinner gatherings, sitting in groups and enjoying one another in the flesh. The solitude of bandwidth-relation-ship has reached a pathetic level of distant and eerily solitude amongst family members. Humanity is low when radiating your brain for hours but never looking into the eyes of another human being.

Regardless of this economy is going to be tough or simply stagnant; We all need to come closer together and help each other. The sensitivity level is too high; work it out. Go outside, pick up an old hobby, wander in the mountains, occupy your mind with beautiful visuals, assist a stranger, share a dream, write a letter or a postcard, volunteer one day a month for a charity, smile at your co-workers… Reject negativity or anyone trying to talk you down; this is the time to move on!

To try and fail might be better than the regret never having tried. Within that spirit I have to accept that people in the Golf region are standing knee-deep in oil infested waters praying to their God that this all end: At least they try… I reckon you pick yourself a hobby with a better chance of success… It’s okay to ‘believe’ strongly, but besides the oil they carry out on their pant leg and shoes, the spirits do little to clean up our mess. Re-invention is the word of the season: Try something new.

To my many supporters that have generously donated to my bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles last month; Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This experience was humbling, beautiful, challenging and foremost fun. I am pulling together a team for next year and will be knocking on your doors again soon.

Chef Raphael

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Healthcare for All

Last nights monumental Health Care Bill vote in the US House of Representatives has opened the door to a new future for American lifestyle and care: Insurance Groups and their Pharmaceutical patrons have fought a grueling battle trying to prevent the government from forcing control and justice for poor and uninsured people with preconditioned illness to access a fair share in a doctors office, hospital and financed long-term care. This care has to include correct nutrition!

Surely the details to this bill will be fought out in State and Government courts for years to come, bringing to the forefront the unsolved dilemma about illegal immigrants and fueling the T-party phenomenon to voice slanderous lingua and protest against healthcare they all surely need themselves. I can tell from their posture, by their skin, hair and breathing that a large group of ill folks is angered about something that has nothing to do with compassion and logic about health care.
It is hard to accept that not a single Republican could find it in their heart to vote for a proposal that intellectually must attract a more divided opinion rather then stubbornly voting because their party title. Ugly to listen to the angry talk hosts and radio hosts slandering the simple logic fact: We live in a polluted world… No need to add to it!
I know, once you experience a car crash, once you discover you are terminally ill, once you hold your sick child in your hands… it matters little what your political affiliation is. If it is about your life, possibly you would care little for the bill, you would want help first!

This great achievement for President Obama is flattening the road to a powerful political future and great International respect for the United States. The archaic perception that this powerful Nation, at war on several fronts, protecting the rights of foreign lands had no guaranteed healthcare for its own citizen is erased. Finally some justice to many ill citizen, some even in hiding of fear of rejection – is on it’s way. Insurance Groups will have to oblige to a open policy competition and cannot deny anyone by a status quo that is equally unjust and brutal as any war-field triage.

But, foremost: Now is the time for the Obama administration to promote a healthy lifestyle. Kids in school should be strictly protected from any processed foods, chemical by-products, and artificially and synthetically manipulated substances.
We need to bring back fresh and sane products that will prevent all the horrid side effects and chronic illness that have weakened our younger generations and killing the babyboomers. We need to learn the difference about “good” fod and “good tasting” foods and promote chefs that can cook healthy, not chefs that are stars but sell us frozen pizzas! We should not invite larger than life chefs to the White house to cook pork and deep fry dishes where the vegetables grown under Michelle Obama’s guidance are a side product; We should teach that these fresh products are more important to our immune system when eaten correctly, regularly and as a main dish.

There is much to learn and regain for the health of the future US. Let’s start with tackling the origin of our problems and stop patching up the symptoms.

It is a victorious day. A healthy new start!

Press Release!Please share with your friends…

Is TCM chef Raphael Gamon the solution to Obama’s healthcare problems?

There is a tendency in the American healthcare and political culture to treat only the symptoms of the disorder that confronts people in the United States instead of tackling problems by it’s origin.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a 3000-year old non-toxic and well-studied/documented support of health-supporting solutions that can significantly aid the debilitated government insurance program. TCM chef Raphael teaches in a fascinating three-day seminar how anyone can immediately grasp the basics of immune boosting menu preparations and leads anyone interested onto a wise path of preventative and curative future. A masterfully designed 3-day course!

“Use nature. Yes, we are what we eat”, says TCM chef Raphael Gamon, encouraging you to nourish wisely.’
He shows how to cook with Chinese yam, which balances the hormones and strengthen the stomach, he recommends red dates and wolfberries, to increase blood circulation – and infuses Western ginseng that help revitalize one’s energy. All his French cuisine delicacies are cleverly re-designed to support a healthy body and deal with today’s toxic environment.
“Wolfberries are recognized for more than 1600 years in TCM therapy to nourish the eyes, lotus roots strengthen the spleen, pancreas and stomach whereas Honey simply disinfects and contain anti-inflammatory properties. My key task is to create a holistic and modern cuisine enhanced by the medicinal powers of these herbs and to teach you that TCM is natures solution and not magic.”

Raphael Gamon was born in 1963 in cosmopolitan San Francisco. This determined multi-lingual Swiss Culinary Academy graduate was hired in 1985 by Palais Royal as the Private Chef to the Culture Minister, Jacques Lange, which kick-started his long list of dignitaries and celebrated clients such as kings, politicians and Hollywood celebrities like Cher, Madonna and Industry moguls who enjoy nutritionally-balanced meals crafted by TCM chef Raphael.
Based in Los Angeles, after studying TCM in Singapore where he opened the first French cuisine/TCM fusion restaurant – this much sought-after specialist consultant in world-wide resort kitchens – is the brains and creator of the first TCM study book for anyone interested in learning the simple applications that can prevent future illness. “If only First Lady Michelle Obama would give me 15 minutes of her time…”
TCM chef Raphael has been featured in TIME magazine and many cooking related articles. He now shares his fascinating knowledge for motivational corporate presentations or simply join his monthly classes in Long Beach, CA.

For further details, please check out http://www.privatechef.com

Scuba diving on vieques

There is something about Latin pride, the urge for fiesta in the heat and that inviting family life when traveling down to Puerto Rico. The fact that many of my American friends don’t even realize that Vieques in the Caribbean is US common wealth is amusing; henceforth, one can travel there simply with a driver’s license.

When arriving in Miami we got stranded on the tar-mat for over an hour: the plane on the gate before us had luggage aboard of a passenger that had not checked in for the flight. As bothered as I am about the inconvenience of security check done by mostly unfriendly people in ATS uniforms… when the captain announced we would have to wait for the crew to remove the luggage before the other plane could safely take off – I pondered; why the luggage is so dangerous after all the security screenings they put us through? Seemingly the Airline security can’t be trusted, they loaded the cargo with “dangerous” luggage… The money spent on screening and airline delay everyday is wasted money – the lacking funds not available to train school-kids properly or to serve any sort of food on planes anymore.

We slept in the Casino Hotel at the airport in Puerto Rico; there was no connection flight until the next morning. Orbitz had sold me on a one-night stay, Continental breakfast included. The breakfast was a shameful attempt to cover this false promise. The room was dusty, the sheets not clean; We would have been better off sleeping on a hard bench in the airport.

The flight over to the Island of Nena; Vieques, in a two motor Cesna, is a Disney adventure. I love the steep scary landing down to the little airport. My friend Ulfi, the co-pilot and I managed to rent a car with the help of Eddi and Theresa who run the airport Café. The car was better than most, usually renting a car on Vieques means getting a beaten down wagon that somewhat has survived the tortures streets and off-road driving. Our car was missing interior parts and with only two gas stations on the entire island you risk standing in line for hours; especially with an empty tank when renting…

Black Beard Divers, a newly established PADI dive center in town is expanding with a second location in Esperanza, right next to Duffy’s. I recommend you try the burger at Belly Buttons; bring Deborah my greetings; she has to learn to scuba dive! Because of the economy and possibly because it is only the start of tourist season, the choices for good restaurants is very limited. The few super markets are sparsely stocked with healthy choices a rather odd realization for an Island that should have a blooming agricultural business.

The ferry did not work that day; All of San Juan celebrated Columbus day… Well, I wonder if he “discovered” Puerto Rico on his way out of America or on his miss-navigated way around the other side of the world… Either way, the Common wealth of PR is now celebrating two Columbus days…

Black Beard divers finally got a boat, but were still not ready for charter. I love their team, friendly Diane and sparkling Jamal who escaped confined water sessions because he is chasing after a modeling career on the main island… I wish they all would response better to timely e-mails and telephone requests about any sort of dive schedule. Diane recognized I had sent a few e-mails and even left voice messages, but they were too busy to call back…?? Maybe because of the delayed service I got a break in my rental equipment. Thank you.
Black Beard’s product and gear is up to par and in very good condition. I have to ignore they cater to harpooning enthusiasts, in face of a few rare large Groupers, Barracudas and even turtle I saw, I’d like to think it is unwise to support the uneducated hunting of anything that swims around the island… I’ve witnessed the collecting of starfish and large shells; the only predator to COD fish; a problem on the rise in the Caribbean. Someone should at least post a sign of protected species, please!

Not much diving is mapped on this island yet and for any adventurous diver, fascinated about discovering new territory; this is underwater heaven. Arnauld, one of Black Beard’s Instructors helped me, Ulfi and our Open Water student Angelo to get geared up. We headed out to the Mosquito peer on the Caribbean side of the island. The Sea in November can be choppy on the Atlantic side of this little island. Security by the peer is actually instructed to watch out for divers. The nearest Decompression Chamber however is over by St. Thomas or the main Hospital on Puerto Rico. Entrance and exit is not difficult. The peer is about 10-16 meter deep. 100 meter before the mosquito peer is an ideal shallow water entrance for student divers.

The many public beaches attract mostly local people. Some of the multiple black sand beaches in the reservation area are accessible for tourists, although some are still closed: The Navy who left Vieques in 2003 has used some of the Eastern part for bombing exercises and possibly un-detonated munitions makes swimming or scuba diving dangerous there. It is all well marked and signs of restrictions are posted. Don’t drive faster than 20 miles in the protected area and wear your seatbelt: The police is certainly on the watch out there.

Sun Bay is great fun, a long shallow water beach front that invites for swimming along the coast at sunset. The wild horses familiar on this island roam around, some look branded, some are shoed. It’s not recommended to get to close to the mother horse, she might charge; in fact some of the local kids amuse themselves feeding the horses Papaya to confuse ‘em and rope them up as trophies… Hey, I’m just repeating stories… But the horses are skittish. The local tradition of sitting in the shallow beach water while drinking beer from cans they discharge carelessly, is an ugly pollutant and could be corrected simply with education. Watch out at nights, some consider driving under the influence a “normal” Vieques standard.

After a strenuous three-day dive course Angelo is one last exam away from becoming the youngest scuba diver on this island. The night before last we found ourselves in the Bioluminescent bay, swimming in underwear like a glow fish amongst a group of Jehovah witness. Really odd combination. I cannot recommend the Abe Captain boat Adventure, although it is one of the few available tours to this worlds unique spectacle; Anyone would be better off finding a local friend to escort them out to the bay and save the $30 we spend on a rather poorly guided experience, no prior preparation info and a scary ride in a funky bus that really was not safe… Renting a Canoe for two is a fraction of the money to drive the road back alone to the bay could be an amazing adventure. Make sure you bring two marking lights to find back ashore in the jungle of red mangrove… yes, it is a shark nesting ground… but great fun, smiles

Thanks to the assistant and hospitality of Hal, Doneley, the Hix’s and the Hutchington’s my short travel back to Vieques turned out to be incredible and surely humbling. I even had a private moment of self-realization. Angel’s parents, Eddie and Theresa kept both of us fed and hydrated and their Bistro business by the airport deserves everyone’s support. If you need your lunch package prepared before you fly across the US in one of the “foodless” carriers, make sure you call Café Isla de Nena 787.741.4111 and have chef Eddie personalize your order. He also prepares perfect dive lunch-boxes for a very reasonable prize…(and they are on the street out to Mosquito Peer, a fun dive spot),.

I’m now flirting with the idea of drafting and proposing a Culinary-Dive School – A youth program that would support the environment of this beautiful Island and possibly is the missing link for the new W Hotel project. The seed is planted in my head – I just never know anymore what life is holding next for me… This one baby needs a few generous helping hands to come alive… I can dream, cant I?

TCM as a part of the solution

The world is experiencing a resurgence of the history and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is now available to us. Natural remedy references fill the shelves in bookstores, lead discussions amongst health care practitioners and are praised in food magazines to promote healthy lifestyles. Still, there is a sense of mystery and magic to this four-thousand year old archive of wisdom.
We are the result of how and what we eat. Simply that. The powers contained in, and then released from, everything we consume (eat, inhale, see and smell) impacts us in ways both small and large. Because of its uninterrupted and continued application in the Asiatic world, Eastern Medicine, as it is known today, presents us with a sophisticated and distinct body of knowledge and treatment methods.
Human beings are complex machines. The power of suggestion, along with the combined stimuli from our senses, produces psychological and physiological responses within us. We are partially a result of the knowledge that is offered to us in the early stages of our lives. This period of physical and mental development impacts how we live, where we live, and what we choose to think and hold true. We tend to become comfortable, if not apathetic, in our youthful invincibility; at least, that is, until we are faced with an illness resulting from our chosen lifestyle. Add to this the inherent and infinitely varied, genetic predispositions passed down through generations, and it quickly becomes apparent that a single cure cannot be expected for any given ailment, nor should it be. Despite this, Western medicine dictates that we all, whether young, old, blonde, bold, strong or frail, are to be treated for the same ailment with the same, singular cure/pill/injection. TCM treats the origin of symptoms, balancing physical reactions and supporting underlining physiological harmony.
We are taught from earliest childhood on that we must trust our doctors when they prescribe our medications. However, the processes and research involved in modern pharmaceutical production are incredibly complicated, and unintelligible to most of us. We, the dependent, are powerless to comprehend or understand the full range of effects of these modern medicines. Still though, we have been conditioned to trust the viability of unexplainable, unpronounceable drugs while disregarding “the apple a day” that keeps the doctor away. Ironically, we seem to recognize this apparent conflict, but we continue to participate in our conditioning. Read the disclosures of TCM; they leave rarely toxic traces.
Developing a respect for the physics and chemistry of what we eat does not require a Doctorate. We are constantly lectured about good vs. bad cholesterol, how many calories we should or should not consume, etc. Seemingly forgotten is the simplicity of naturally grown food itself. We could, with relative ease, adapt to a way of eating and making choices that strengthen the immune system and nourish our primary organs, helping us to feel alert, awake, energized and happy. Yes, generically manipulated chemicals can do this quickly, and sometimes effectively; however, we are learning more and more of the horrible, long-term effects associated with this approach. We co-exist today with allergies and illnesses that are undocumented in our past, slowly making us sickly, worried, and overly sensitive.
The reality of modern living subjects our system to 75% generically-modified foods, praised in super markets. 25% of all cattle on super-farms are infected with the pathogen E.coli. Annually, the US farmers use over 750 million pounds of herbicides, and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates we all, humans and animals, carry about 700 chemical contaminants in our cells, turning some human intestinal organisms antibiotic resistant! Chemical synergies, Teflon, and plastic fragments are proven to cause child cancer and attention disorders. Synthetic chemical reactions are in control of our immune system. Anyone born after 1950 has probably inherited non-biodegradable toxins. However, most non-manipulated plants present themselves in the same form as they did thousands of years ago. So, how have we come to this current state?
Along with budding religious consciousness thousands of years ago, grew sophisticated healing arts. Grave samples discovered from the Stone Age and analyzed by modern DNA technology, show astonishing parallels in correct usage and applications of plant varieties. Egyptian mummification practices demonstrated some of the most advanced uses of natural power. The Greco-Roman period broadened the range of healing Gods, with Hermes, Apollo, and his daughter Hygiea (who lends her name in the modern practice of disease prevention through “hygiene”). During the fourth century, schools of modern science were founded, and today’s doctors swear an ethical oath to Hippocrates, whose lectures listed four hundred applications of herbal remedies. However, today’s doctors do not learn nor teach his lectures any longer.
Greek physicians left us with incredible documentations of discoveries. Thophratus’ discoveries (370 BC), and Galen’s work (200CE), identified over six hundred plants. Their work is hidden away in the Vatican library. From the time of Jesus we have the term Chironic Medicine (Folks Medicine). Each period has claims to the discoveries of medicinal properties in plants. Unfortunately, despite their academic brilliance, some, such as the Druids, integrated implausible details of folklore into their accounts, clouding to this day the importance of their discovery with non-factual superstition. These fantastic stories, as well as the actual knowledge, led the Catholic Church to assume the right to convert many peoples to Christianity. Ironically, their monks of the Middle Ages secretly translated historical scripts into multiple languages, preserving within a very valuable collective herbal library.
During the Dark Ages, religious power fueled the myths that assumed that illnesses were caused by the malicious influence of ghosts, black witches and fairies – forcing their acolytes to repent of their sins, and remain close to the Church for their own protection. Still, herbology and the knowledge of natural curatives remained the foremost remedial resources for the peasants and working class, though they became associated with magical brews and unexplained miracles.
Historical records contain some amazing resources, detailing the journals of chefs who cooked for kings and nobility. In such documents, i.e. shopping lists and bills of fare (menus), chefs recorded the consumption of foods, eating habits, and travel details of their employer and guests with such detail, in the event of some sudden illness, any physician was forced to consult with the chef when forming a medical diagnosis. It was within the chef’s range of responsibility to determine how healthful was the quality of the food that was caught, harvested, purchased, cooked, and presented. Herbalists were always on hand to consult, when needed, and large varieties and seasonal choices of foods were respected.
Now, national trading brings us year-round seasonal alternatives in our diet. Preserving has extended storage times beyond nature’s organic limits. Food is manipulated to look better and to taste better. And, some if it is engineered to make us practically addicted. Some kids consume extremely high percentages of processed foods, causing them to battle chains of physical and psychological illnesses that were unassociated with their age only fifty years ago. It seems that we have allowed (if not required) our farmers, food producers, and suppliers to trust in the codes of food regulators. There is a misconception: The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does NOT conduct any drug testing to approve product safety. The resulting products have been marketed to us for only about a hundred years, while Nature has fed its earthly inhabitants for millennia.
With the awareness in place that most of our health issues are a consequential result of the lifestyle we have adopted, the issue of how to eat becomes the focus once more of many hot-button platforms; insurance wastefulness continues to skyrocket while talk-show-approved doctors and health gurus keep their studio audiences fascinated (and intimidated) with warnings about the stuff we eat. We are conditioned to be alert about the products that we buy, what is fed to our kids at school, and we are cautious when nutritionists recommend yet another perspective on our food intake. But at the same time, we blindly trust the “safe” and “healthy” endorsements of both the Food and Drug Administration and pharmaceutical companies, though they are locked, sometimes for years, in countless lawsuits over the reliability of these same endorsements.
Processed food is not good. Even with vast amounts of research data made publicly available to support and verify positive endorsements, we are subsequently (and consequently) inundated with smart advertising campaigns that seek to comfort and reassure us about the very product we are wary of consuming. Still, we eat and eat, too much and too quickly. Day after day. Should we not know more about the basic food powers? TCM is knowing about basic applications of natural products.
In this age of processed and refined foods, we are largely disconnected from the raw, source production of food grown in nature, which has lead us to a subsequent and fundamental lack of knowledge about it. However, it is this very knowledge that can help us make the correct food decisions for our individual bodies, lives, and circumstances. Tomatoes, for example, nourish the eyes, stimulate circulatory function and help us to produce healthy antibodies that work to counteract cold symptoms. But it doesn’t stop there. The values of other parts of the tomato plant, from the seeds within the fruit, to the green leaves on the vine, which can strengthen our heart, have also been established. If more of us knew the basics about the food as it grows in natural conditions, and learn to respect the simple, innate need to eat according to the circumstances of our surroundings, we would all be much healthier, happier, stronger, and wiser.
The ancient Egyptians grew and ate rosemary for a multitude of medical purposes. The Greeks cured migraines with rosemary. The Romans recognized the soothing power of rosemary oil when treating battle wounds, calming both the pain and the mind of the injured. Our great-grandparents knew that rosemary strengthens the heart. Even Shakespeare famously praised rosemary for its power of enhancing memory. Today, cosmetic companies are banking on the old knowledge that rosemary lubricates dry skin, using it in skin lotions and hair shampoos…so much information from a single little sprig of a common plant! This TCM knowledge is passed down to us through generations.
From Egyptian invasive chirurgic text (3000 BC) to Leonardo da Vinci’s meticulous vascular designs, and from the crude bone-fixers whose diagnosis was rooted in consulting the patient’s chef, and through the fruitless attempts at 16th century opium treatments, Modern Medicine experienced a significant revolution only in the 19th century. We leaped into an arrogant assumption before WWII that we could cure ALL illnesses: The hypothesis that penicillin would prevent all future diseases turned out to be wrong. We discovered the horrid mutation of viruses outgrowing our research capacity.

The following results were unexplainably silly for the smart kind of creatures we claim to be.
For more than fifty years, Western medical schools willfully and arrogantly ignored the teachings and incorporation of Traditional Medicine into their curricula. Even with President Roosevelt making requests for TCM’s to be wholly included during his time, only now do medical students have such resources officially available to them. And, they are now tapping into the well documented and proven knowledge that nature offers a vast variety of preventative and curative solutions. Even so, it is still cautiously labeled alternative medicine.
Foods and plants are now dissected, divided and broken down into their components. Genetically manipulated, unripe produce is artificially grown. It is arrogant to assume we can isolate one singular healthy component and absorb it, expecting a controlled and boosted benefit while disregarding the symphony of perfection that nature presents in her supreme amalgamation, as grown under the sun. Vitamin and mineral-enhanced food celluloid, resembling enlarged and perfectly shaped and mutated versions of out-of- season fruits and vegetables, replace real produce. Some produce is so un-natural, not even insects eat them.

We don’t stop, do we?
Today, Chinese Medicine, with its focus on preserving and promoting health, and its unique concepts of disease prevention and treatment, is often regarded as a discipline with potential for high growth in economic development.
Switzerland voted in 2009 to adapt TCM into their insurance coverage plan, making this a first step in utilizing the importance of giving modern doctors the choice to recommend homeopathic choices when suitable.
We are puzzled when nowadays a city-chef like me talks about the power in all plants. When I explain a little about preventative or healing power in the food I prepare, some even now think this ought to be voodoo or unworthy old school. As a private chef, I am surprised about the imbalance of trust I receive from people in my workplace: As long as I prepare food that is good, there is little interest in the quality choices I make to boost the immune system according to environmental changes, or my seasonal healthy choices. TCM is most effective as a preventative life-style. Until someone gets sick, forced by a diagnosed result, some are confronted with a simple truth:
Eat fruit, vegetables, roots, nuts and grains in their raw forms. This is true. We all have heard the message many times. Yes, it is boring; an apple turnover is more enticing and a tomato sauce sounds more inviting… Our body reacts to all the stuff around the apple in the turnover-presentation. A tomato-sauce often contains very little of the original product that advertises fresh fruit: the red sauce could even be made without any tomato in it at all! Like spoiled children, we crave endless sugar, fat, and salt!
I am merely a city-chef (possibly a Druid), and my upbringing in the Swiss mountains as a Buddhist child exposed me early-on to powerful herbs, and old, inherited knowledge of the application and physical reactions of the herbs, roots, plants, etc. that we eat. My early curiosity for this information blossomed into what has become my life as a chef. I have traveled throughout Europe and Asia, where I have lived and worked for many years, studying TCM and forming the foundation for my use of TCM in the ingredients I select and the cuisine I create.
My message is a simple one: Know what you eat. The knowledge is now available to everyone. Choose wisely what you take into your body and learn how a few easy adjustments can have an incredibly positive impact on your overall future wellbeing. I hold no patents or copyrights for any products or information, nor is there any ulterior motive involved in my association with TCM, other than a genuine desire to share with everyone, and provide a guiding voice for the ancient and unshakable solutions that I have learned. TCM is an answer to many varied health problems, without risk of side effects or toxic reactions, and can be considered the result of the longest time-tested medical trial, with the most active participants, in our cumulative history.

TCM chef Raphael
Please check out my website: www.TCMchef.com (in construction)

Toxic salad in the white house

There is this heated and often foul debate going on over health care reform and people in all corners of the US get into each others face; Amongst them angry voices, stupid querrolants participating in anything that is destructive, for the fun of it… Compassionate ideologies and simply protesters against “anything change…”
“It’s democracy at it’s best…” I hear news proclaiming. No, it is not. It is the cry from the graves it is the agony of the ill that heckle loudest. The reason why they are ill and angry is not democratic. They are poisoned by the FDA, Pharmaceutical kingpins and politicians cutting shady deals on their behalf. It’s the cry of victims of a much larger a crime than the lack of available healthcare and medical coverage…

America is the master in cover-up, in denial theory; Confucius in its best. I hear Nurses warning of the onslaught of unregistered and foreign citizen draining the health care funds. I listen to educated doctors lying about the facts, against their own knowledge supporting a private choice; the very dilemma that causes these shamans to pump pharmaceuticals into you…) supporting the pharmaceutical paychecks they would not receive if we had a controlled system).

Often these illegal immigrants come from a culture that is very much in touch with herbal remedies and only come to the emergency room when gravelly ill. Compared to the average City Mom dragging her sniffling child to any doctor that prescribes antibiotics without even asking a question… The hate for illegal immigrants often is a cover for racism. There is no herb for that either… Education is a bitch, but it would help…

Sure, Medi Care sucks. I laugh when Obama’s gang claims that this system of uneducated idiots running a health care group – to be efficient and helping millions… For Christ sakes a TARP takes 45 days to be approved or declined: Tell THAT a pregnant woman, tell THAT a guy with a slipped disk in need of an MRI…(me) – 45 days waiting for a government bureaucrat with no medical background to approve or deny an emergency procedure? Obama…. Obama, I know you are not that stupid!!! No, I don’t think his pitch is all that good either… You are avoiding to pick the problem by the neck. Whack the pharmaceuticals and the FDA for manipulating the rules and killing us with toxic products that should never be produced nor approved.

The truth is, that here in the US hospitals we reject anyone that does not want to participate in a drug treatment as dictated by the insurance groups. (Doctors are requested NOT to encourage herbal medicines… Guess who is requesting this…) Listen carefully… Yes, anyone trying to add alternative treatment to their Western care is running risk of rejection of their Insurance Group… I love when people bring you one or two examples to disprove a fact… I know some do allow, some sort of alternative approach… Where are all the herbalists, druids like myself?? Where is the educated notion of preventative treatment in the US? Government sponsored prevention on the base of Natural treatments? Lemongrass, Yam and Alfalfa sprouts to boost your immune system and possible prevent H1N1 virus spread? Gotta love it when Michelle O plants salads in her toxic White House garden, but never, NEVER mentions the TCM benefits of eating healthy!

We prevent people in a cadaverous state from “letting go” and we uphold an image of longevity by pumping bodies full of toxins, claiming the brain dead to be signs of success and medical achievement. We are so scared of death we’d do about anything to others to learn what possibly could be the best choice for oneself when this abused body is simply not putting up with the torture any longer.

CNN is putting a story before her audience about a 600lbs teen trying to get a gastric bypass surgery, showing how insurance groups lack compassion. All I can think is – the abusive mother and family members that should be thrown to jail and that big boy needs to get his fat ass whacked and get onto the exercise routine. Someone has to tell him he is a lazy fucking bastard… Bravo to the insurance not giving in to his sick demand of a surgery, his illness is certainly not the stomach. Go see an herbalist; You have a serious mental problem: YOU ARE LAZY!

Obama, when are you going to take the colored and sweetened drinks off the kids shelves in all schools? When are you going to ban re-processed meat from being sold to school kitchens throughout the US? When are you pointing your finger at the very people that make your Nation so horribly sick and ask your beautiful wife to educate the kids in the lethal veggie garden that even a toxic salad leaf is less harmful than the soda they just washed it down with…

By now the information is out: We ought to realize that we are all victims of the junk and crap we push into our system? But we keep doing it…bloody addicts! When have we started to become desperately in need of a health care system? As if we should have the right to poison our bodies and have a miracle hospital around the corner giving us a guaranteed life extension because we are US citizen and ought to have it! Blinded to the fact that we are the result of what we consume and inhale; Physically and Mentally. There is no herbal cure for the guys attending with a loaded gun town hall debates… They are simply dangerous individuals; and CNN looooves putting them on air. Healthy ideas and healthy people are so fucking boring; Hence we have NEWS and talk shows showing us the ill and abusive…

I’m in the process of pitching a TV show promoting and educating a 4000 year old fact of harmonious consumption of what nature offers us and come across so much resistance. Sounds boring; But amongst the lack of educated parents this would make great sense and reduce health care cost. Seriously solve that very problem! America is not ready yet, an agent told me: I love how one single person speaks on behalf of all Americans. I’m curious if he is sponsored too; by some Pharma Company?

Intelligent minds do realize that the few that live a healthy and balanced being don’t feel the need to brag and promote it. Healthy minds and bodies are not concerned about the imminent need for hospital access. A healthy soul even knows when to let go. Maybe the silence on the TCM/herbalist side is an eerie reminder that the struggle belongs to the abuser in this matter…

Someone please tell this Administration that debacle and debate is useless amongst an angry mob. An angry mind can’t think clear and anger attacks the liver… Healthcare for the US can only be successfully integrated through the school system: Educate the kids but please, please stop feeding them crap. Simply THAT would safe Medi Care.

healthcare solution!

Turbulent days have past and even more gray is on the horizon; we live in a polluted world, physically and psychologically. Take a step outside, after the sun has gone down, one short-lived minute, look up to the sky and take a deep breath – and another one… Control your lungs for a moment, chance on feeling your heart beat, relax the speed of breathing, let your shoulders hang, embrace the fact you are alive and in presents with yourself.

While Obama is “selling” his idea of health care plan for everyone and how to deal with the burden of ill people draining the funds available for treatment, tests and doctors, he is astonishingly ignoring the reality that we are a direct product of our intake. Years of narrow minded acceptance, eating from the shelves and drinking from the faucets. The Air, the food and the media – the liquids, the drugs and the images; it all pollutes our body and mind. This dilemma with young humans suffering allergies, obesity while their parents struggle with health issues we foremost experienced with the old – and our aged parents fighting so sternly for a day of life, to hold on to one more hour of living; the tests, samples, treatments, x-rays and frankly the modern knowledge we have about these symptoms of years of abuse cant be fixed with modern medications. No, cant be fixed. Feeling better but being toxic is not being better…

Pharmacies would never commit to a drug that “really” cures any symptoms, besides, there hardly is anything logic about “healing” a symptom without controlling the cause of the illness. We have become so stupid and manipulated by the thought that we can consume and live in excess because there will be a pill or a cure for anything. That’s stupid. Oddly there is no pill sold for this, although most people seemingly would be a target audience!

Who has gotten us to be so gullible? Pharmaceutical barons! We consume so much poisonous products, lazed with food colorations, preservatives and trans fatty acids, chemically “enhanced” sweets and greased, salty fake foods, to an extend we do acknowledge that this ought to have a consequence… Only, when we get ill we try to “cover up” the pain, force infections not to surface, interrupt body reactions and suppress the immune system from even reacting. So we can maintain the same self destructive habbits…

Is it not suspicious that all the pharmaceutical operations are also the stake holders, shareholders, owners of these candy factories that make us sick, fat, addicted and even kill us? Pharma subsidiaries owning cookie factories, artificial butter firms and soda production lines? Pharma Barons cashing in on baby food, facial creams, anything you smear and plaster onto your tortured body? They even own cigarette lines and have their fingers in health insurance groups, own hospitals and some produce even chemicals used in warfare…

Michael Jackson died because he manipulated access to Western drugs he should not have taken. Simply a tea brewed from the flowers of passion fruit would have induced comforting sleep. A recipe that is out there for four thousand years…

As much as I have studied and learned about the simply solutions that are available to us to prevent from falling ill, as much as I wish I could go out there and show you via a TV cooking show what incredible access we have to sooth, take care and strengthen our bodies from these foreign influences; I feel sad that there is such a lack and ignorance when trying to pitch a show that is the very solution to the health care crisis. Americans are not ready for a TCM cooking show. Not ready? They are dying, and have no health insurance and Western medicine is killing the rich! Not ready??

No, there is no cure in nature to heal cancer, neither is it healthy to deny the obvious; we are the result of what we have done in the past. But we can make it better for the future, with little adjustments, with natural products, with incredibly powerful and successful methods available to everyone. We can cause cancerous cells to self destruct, we can survive comfortably a long period of time, we can now teach the children how to eat, change their understanding so in the future they don’t have to rely on taking toxins to cover up reactions… Get me a TV show!!! Where is Opra?

In the mean while, within two weeks I helped my neighbors dog to walk again, after the doctor said he would die. He now dances around me. I help other neighbors with their little complaints and I will have to be patient about the chances for a bigger outlet to bring this message of solutions to a mainstream audience. It’s so frustrating to watch the healthcare debacle. Really, in a way I have to agree, we deserve to be ill, gosh it’s not like I wish it upon anyone, but look around, we are behaving so berserks!

I’m going to go outside, relax my shoulders, look up to the sky and take a deep breath. I will feel my heart beat and soon with a smile realize that life is beautiful, after all…

Chef Raphael