teaching TCM

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From a state of limbo I finally stretch myself out to write my next blog. 2011 ended in turmoil for me; confusing moments and insecurity about work, life and the progress of aging all mixed together with the realization that the cruelest lies are told in secret.

It is within the irony of life that my grasp of reality, dear friends and my joy for living would be my secure passing through this experience and finding within the energy to finish a group of projects I have postponed for too long.

The TCMchef website is in construction and I am challenged with finding translational solutions for the message and menu suggestions that can be adapted and copied for anyone interested in learning about preventable and curative approaches.

Within all the remedies I suggest to friends and strangers; I myself found great comfort in adjusting my own intake: It did assist me in curving around the above experience, good food, plenty of healthy teas, kind music, interesting books and no CNN for a few weeks. I feel peachy again and strong enough to guide others around me again.

I finished the book about my life. An old project that understandably progressed… On the doorsteps of fifty I find this a fitting “first chapter” and might even find the courage to send it off to print.

On my horizon for the near future shimmer outlines of teaching my TCM cookbook: That next unfinished chore on my desk. The idea of teaching this to others fills my chest with pride and joy. To be able to activate in others an understanding for caring not just for the very body that holds us in balance, but for nature and enable young people to plant a seed of wisdom in their minds, is incredibly awarding. There could be travel involved; a nomadic life once more…

First off I have to reduce the ballast that holds me tide to shore. Write down the many recipes before they fade from my mind and allow myself to bring this work to the printers as well; farewell knowing I might regret not having added “this” or “that”.

2012 will bring joy and comfort.

TCM chef Raphael


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