"The pursuit of happiness doesn't apply to gay folks…"

This is Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s view, lecturing a quote of the Declaration of Independence after winning fourth place in Saturday’s Iowa Straw Poll.

Santorum, invited by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) paired up with the Family Research Council (FRC) and the Susan B. Anthony List to promote his nomination during their four-day tour in opposition to the legalization of gay marriage.

Within we have more confusion of history, personalized hate and ugly misrepresentation of basic principles in one nasty bundle of attempt to collect attention in the hope to become President of the United States. The witch-crafting O’Donnell, TV celebrity Palin and a poorly coached Bachmann just keep popping back up in the extreme bleachers of politics. Party switching Perry nor bickering Paul are candidates either. Republicans are stumbling over their own ideologies!

First off: The little gay “rights” there are, should not be a forefront topic in debacle about presidential credibility. It’s a sore topic in the eye of narrow-minded people and the cause for unkind negative emotions, especially when pinning quickly a sensitive opponent to their detestable perspective of citizens that are different. But heck they all are preaching to the choir which have moved even further extreme.

Read the FRC mission statement to understand why I am confused. As a valuable human being, at the age of eight I knew, I was gay. Today, gay kids would suddenly find themselves excluded by either of the above organizations. Unluckily born into a religious surrounding they might end up forced into gay rehabilitation at the Bachman “clinic”. The FRC stamps gays “by God, the author of life” – an imperfection. Family values for all – with the exceptions of gays and those not as “Christian” as this human-group created Council perceives creation to be.

Susan B Anthony, a woman’s right activist, strongly rejected the notion that groups should organize worships guided by priests to experience God. As a Quaker, teacher and agnostic she voiced her believe that woman should be considered an equal in all standards of American society, as should slaves, Natives and gays… In 1920 the 19th amendment finalized her fight and woman had the right to vote.

I understand why a lesser informed Michele Bachman hides behind strong characters of the past whilst defending her “secondary” standard as an obeying Christian housewife (to a gay-ish husband, nonetheless…) – But the merger of the extremely “non-gay” oriented Family Research Council to collaborate with a today’s not so liberal and not all inclusive Susan B Anthony List – is a stunning contortion of true historic reflection.

These two groups indeed conciliate and find common agreement of an all embracing perspective by supporting a candidate that could become the Leader of ALL US people (odd, ill, sad, poor, gay, past and future… and every other kind with not so Judeo-Christina values). Is it not ironic and shocking that their candidate limits his focus on gay marriage rights, the very idiom they have no compassion for.

I must ponder that we forget our own short history so quickly: Unable with Google to verify simple facts – i.e. the birth date of Elvis, or the views of Susan B Anthony. Not even the short-term history when Ohioans, the first state to adapt the gay marriage act, now “elected” Michele Bachman as their choice to represent the Republican party and their pressing gay issues.

I’m confident, the 2012 elections will not be a straw poll, an archaic word-choice for a way of voting in our all inclusive world-leading Nation, struggling to adapt to modernity. Gay is not a political topic. Work, productivity, China exports, US army contracts, education budget cuts, market corruption, famine within our borders and drug laws should lead political discussions.

We are fear and short-term pleasure addicts, sharing bagatelle past-facts on Face book and Twitter reducing our innate bias and once long-term views to short-worded emotionless expressions of risk-reduced messages, instead of communicating what we should fear in the future. Mainstream media selfishly narrows on details to create leading stories. Our broad thinking is reduced to text message sensations and ego boosting dopamine trips; distracted by fashion, live tv, pop and financial struggles.

I fear my peers that refuse to self-educate. Research, read, engages in philosophical debates. Hold back your strong opinions and open your eyes, ears and mind to multiple perspectives to gain an average and protective resource of ideas. Create theories, study true history. Your individual mind should be a flexible world controlled by your wisdom merely influenced with sparks of reactions and processed emotions. Knowledge leads to happiness.

The lazy tendency to gather in groups and repeat short-worded messages leaves nothing but an effluvium of poorly digested half-truth. American sanity has to start with our effort to embrace everyone, loud, confused, opinionated and hateful as a part of our liberal society. We must find amongst ourselves a leader who is distinguished by a virtue of recognizing and voicing the essence that holds a multi-colored, religiously diversified and sexually liberated or oppressed Nation in constraint. Someone with decorum.

For now, I don’t grip that the Republican party has anyone on the level of President Obama’s Ghandi-esq leadership and the possibility of any of the emerging candidates confronting him in a televised debate is entertaining spectacle at most. Candidates decorating themselves with feathers of what others have achieved while spewing negativity to portrait a “better self” are pretenders.

Rick Santorum stands corrected by his odd attempt to re-word my constitutional phrase: The pursuit of happiness IS our right!

chef Raphael

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