Think before you Speak…

Nowadays, many quickly bounce a bias opinion aaround, before knowing the facts… I discover “detectives” amongst friends, “google specialists” using the internet to promote their views. Our online behavior is cruel, and oddly some stick it out even when shown to be wrong. When opinions form character some people seem to have no other options but to bully oposing opinions or anyone voicing a different perspective. The internet invites to unappologetic cruelty, beyond logic. The option to boycott others merely supports a narrow perspective, that originally was based on a fluke of perceived truth, or a mere first emotion. Bagatelle fractions of ideas emerce into harsh verbal warfares attracting groups taking sides.

It feels wrong when as a “witness” I find myself engulfed in discovering friends partaking in these online lynchings. Family members even, abandoning decorum. Such “public” forums of Facebook seem converted into modern marketplace executions; most of us attracted by a sudden unjust lynch mob, advertising their fact revoked spectacle. It takes one victim to attract thousands of spectators. Some “nice people” with cozy profile names spitting and casting judgment! Encouraging the imminent execustion!

I like a good joke, a fun comparison. I dont mind being corrected; but, I too find some “public censoreship” – often conducted from the secret of hiding (naked) behind a keyboard or a cellphone – while sitting on the toilet! Written words seem espcially cutting and intentionally brutal vs what we might say to another when face-to-face. Good satyr and cynicisms sugar coat an already cruel reality but in the formum of the global web streaming through the screen, we shoot our emoji decorated response fused with clips, and expressions of images. We weaponize every app possible to muddle with unrelated topics, eager to aid, even when actually unclear what topic started this war. It might have started with an opinion… Yet, with elevated heatbeat, we surrneder to the side we’ve chosen to belief, to defend and accept.

Until we are distracted by a call, the empty roll of toilet paper or the dog patiently glarring for attention. We should be less critical about the views and expressions by others and more in tune with a fair view of the reality before us… We all seem to be utterly bi-polar when “logged on.”

This reality is simple: Connect with nature, find inner balance, eat less synthetic products, show compassion. Neither the “consistent happyness” nor the inflexible “voices” represent a fair personality about another participant in a social media site. My chameleon ability to adapt to circumstances becomes a dangerous subconcious behavior pattern when allowing my mind to aimlessly scroll through other profiles. I have to encourage myself not to continue or simply put my electronic devise away! I turn off my cellphone often as a part supporting my sanity!

Zen is just that. RELAX, feel the GROUND you stand on and measure your INTAKE.

Relax; control your breathing at least once a day. If the word meditation reminds you of religion, simply switch off your subconscious breathing reflex and control for a few minutes your air intake. Slow it down. Breath deep. Exhale your lungs completely, enjoy the rush…

Place yourself on earth; not fibrous carpet, dead wood or cemented floor. Earth. Bond, once a day, even when in a city, make an effort to touch base with “real” grounds.

Control your intake, the air, the water the food. The sound you listen to and what enters your body through your eyes. Close your eyes and if there is nervous twinkle, you are not relaxed. Listen to beautiful music, or the sounds of nature. Loud coordinated noise like most music does not aid you preferably. If silence frightens you; find a partner to share your “quiet” time with.

Watch what you eat – you are what you eat: seriously, if it is foremost synthetics then indeed you are partially synthetic…

From this perspective, form your opinion about events, actions and situations around you. You will discover that your ideologies are less angry, less bias and possibly less interested about the details that seem to dictate the lives of your friends. Be aware what you write has roots!

All energies we set into motion stay out there… I don’t know where, but I think we constantly walk through them, like spiderweb spun from trees.  With all the kinetic energies, cell phones, electricity and voiced opinions it feels sometimes like walking through “clattered” air.

Look into the eyes of others and find nice words to share. Keep your message short and focused.

Smile often.

TCM chef Raphael

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