AIDS day December first

It is an amazing time to be back in the US. Although I have picked up responsibilities while in South East Asia; Godfather to three Indonesian families and a kid in the coming; no, not mine… I am glad to be back in my born-to homeland and participating in the shaping of a new future. Laying to rest the eight years of abuse under the Bush administration will be difficult, but hopefully we can learn from the crimes committed and the false promises dished during George W’s rein. May he be remembered in the history books as the worst leader and most egocentric wealth motivated president this nation ever had! It is painful seeing him under a red ribbon promoting AIDS day; Yesterday, December first. Laura on his side. GW promises another infusion of money for vaccinations in Africa and lists all the good he thinks he has done for the people infected with HIV. Laura silently smiles. Yes, Pharmaceutical companies have trial tested newest medicines on people (humans) in Africa and abandoned such research and within created resistant virus variations that we can barley control today. To think he is honestly promoting any “good” is a lie; He is still covering up the traces of corrupted Pharmaceutics Companies that seem to pull the strings of the marionette he is… until January 20th, when the puppet leaves the stage. Laura might keep her smile? I wish he would stop doing any public announcements and stay away from public proclamations of his “good character” – stay away as should Paulson, Paulin, Cheny … ah! Don’t get me going.
Mumbai’s massacre was a predicted action in the end. I look upon the Al Qaida network as a well coordinated franchise; They only have to train Managers and Executives and send them to pre-existing special forces groups, like the one financed by Pakistan during the 70th and 80th but later abandoned (but not dissolved…) and give them a new mission and a new Goal (target) and voila; you have a mess. How many of such groups are out there? Even here in the US we have extreme (stupid) groups that are susceptible to “management”. Seemingly we observe but don’t react… Why?
We are warning for years that our sea ports are a clear risk for attacks and within all the warnings we televise we point to the weak spots we have and invite for trouble. As promoter of non-violent solutions, I simply invite to re-think the war on terror – (fist against fist) ideology and start working on a solution that invests into education and peaceful means of dealing with people that dislike us for reasons that make little sense to educated scholars. Instead we are encouraging rage and anger, talking about bombing out terrorists – a title we have bestowed upon a group that thinks of them as liberators and strongly feels we are the terrorists… Time to sit down and talk! Fear mongering has made us fragile objects. Angry minds don’t think straight.

I have finished the epic script called Koken. A biographical story of the twice Empress during Japans Nara period responsible of incorporating Buddhism with Politics. Shall I publish an excerpt?
I am back writing. It gives me peace. A very hyper neighbor of mine inspires me daily to stay on track with my talents, I enjoy such motivational support. My work in the private residence is great fun and not until about two weeks ago I found out my client is himself a talented writer and Hollywood producer. For me he is a joyful soul that appreciates my care in cooking healthy and comforting food for him. I love working there. But my hobby is clearly dominating my life; writing provokes a sensation in me to be involved, curious, informed and expressive all at ones. I did approach a few angles in trying to find a literary agent of some sort, but as it is with any true talent, I am my worst self-promoter. Barry, whom I met through a cooking show concept keeps promising a phone call for weeks and weeks and never follows through; I am getting a real Hollywood treatment here.
I ran into an old friend the other day; he is encouraging me to pick up the old self-biography and finally present it to a publisher. I think he is right.

With Christmas around the corner I will be a busy bee. The www.TCMchef .com website is in progress, although Htun, my friend and webdesigner is working soooo slow! Hint. I am looking for a few creative folks that would love to get involved. I think it is a great concept and could help tons of people becoming directly involved with the power of food we daily eat.

To all of my fans out there I wish you a very pleasant Season, enjoy it with friends family and certainly with yourself. Don’t forget to buy yourself a present, something you deserve to have. Something made in the USA in support of our economy. Stop purchasing the useless foreign made crap sold in stores with little regard for American made product; become a smart supporter of a new strong US economy! Or safe the buck until you know exactly what it is you need… Life is beautiful. Ho ho ho!

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