It’s sadly foggy in Los Angeles; the NEWS reports that we are experiencing 20 degree lower than average temperatures today… But sunshine is forecast for the next days…

An odd anniversary is around the corner; the reminder of 9/11… I don’t promote the celebration of negative moments, nor would I recommend to annually highlight the glorious past times… We should appreciate the moments “that is” and focus on an immediate and improved future.

The “evoke the constitutional rights” when burning books to fuel fires of emotions is another odd reality. Is the media truly this bias to elevate the simple mind of a “religious leader” (to merely a group of people) to such National recognition? It would be easy to dismiss any of these participants as uneducated or narrow minded; but seemingly that too would be protested. I do insist that well traveled people have a more relaxed and composed understanding for the beautiful difference that unifies the patchwork of Nations on this little planet.

America is stuck in a self adapted cycle of reaction; Education has been neglected, kids send off to fight in wars that supposed to be a “mission of Democracy” and a whole new generation of young kids are poisoned with food products that clearly have created an onslaught of side effects we cant curve… The results are physically and mentally damaged generations; influenced by millionaire radio talk-hosts enticing them to believe that it is terrible to be poor and Government is their enemy… Except for the few that make it off as a winner in America has talent… (An English show)

Add to this religion; a mélange of fantastic perspectives of “what could be” with Theoretical dogmas of “what will happened if…” and you are presented with this Nation of word twisting, reality revoked, gun trained, media thirsty and guidance rejecting USofA struggling to adapt to competitive existing and unable to simply accept that living happy starts foremost within oneself. If we keep pointing out the “wrong” in others, maybe we look better in comparison? Is it okay to mention American Idol here?…

The Muslim Center in New York would not even be a media story if any of the “neutral” reporters would investigated why several Mayors and NY Governors failed twenty years to assign this building as a Historic landmark: The true story of a very unpleasant chapter of “accepting” simply escalates now into hate and blame.

Floods in the India worlds, the “mysterious” disappearance of millions of barrels of oil in the Gulf and the fragile idea of bringing “peace” to Afghanistan; all these illusions defeating the inability we could change the reality by merely reporting it from a positive perspective. Today alone the signs are clear: A wildfire raging in Colorado, an unusual Alaska cold-front cooling down the West, parts of Texas expecting record rain and this fog here in the peak of Summer cooling down California: However “nice” the media is trying to present the future, we all need to participate in the “better” of our future.

Any information coming only from one source will be one-sided. Anything we do that is extremely unusual will be extreme. Anyone trying to convince us about their “truth” is influencing another. It is okay to have strong opinions, but often – in respect to the first Amendment of our Constitutional rights – it would be wise to not form everything that floats through our busy minds into words.
Within I have to restrain calling anyone with simple perspectives – stupid. But it is increasingly frightening to live in a nation that consumes so much poisonous material: from inhaling toxins in the air to the terrible irate foods offered in cheap stores, to the silly gossip we tell/text each other, the loud and meaningful-lyric-deprived music we adapt, the silly faux and steroid enhanced heroes we praise in sports and the mean spirited few that cause ruckus by burning theoretical “religion”, beating, disrespecting others… We might only be hyper reacting to all the synthetics consumed and could actually be quite sane: Antihistamine anyone?

I’ve pleaded in my blogs like this before. Simply stop reacting: Find a way to defuse your immediate notion to react. Stop texting for a day, TV for a day, smile off a rude comment and turn it into something funny. Really, you could not? Laugh off the idea of changing others but set an example of being reasonable. Stay away from negative influence and respect efforts that intend to please and become a part of change from negativity to beautification. Do it for yourself. If it is true that Nature can deal with an oil-spill of such horrid amounts, we should be able to “pest control” our little lives for just a few hours. Start with eating healthy products, detox your body and mind. Listen to soothing music and speak out a compliment while holding a hand, smile more.

Yes, I believe that the sun will shine again, if not tomorrow – certainly within the next few days… I love my weather forecast.

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