Innaguration of "change"

I have mixed feelings about the whole “change” in America. It’s more like a “shift”.

Now, Republicans and hate oriented radio stations are restraint from making “black” comments and voicing their racist hate against black people; they will concentrate their energies against Latinos, Chinese and foremost anyone gay, regardless of their color. Seriously, – people don’t just “change”. Situations “shift”.
Already we have a reversal of pre-prop 8 commitment ceremonies, Mrs. Clinton the Secretary of State had a shockingly vague response to the fact that the US borders restrict HIV positive people from traveling into our lands… We are still racists to a larger world out there. The Auto industry still holds us in restraint when using bailout money to fabricate the same old gas-guzzlers… “Changing” is not easy.

Bush is gone. I “hope” they don’t let him go… He has left us with an utter mess and the dilemma to “change”… change what? He did not really pardon anyone? Gosh, I don’t know if that is good or even a further sign of his complete revoked reality? Laura, I am sooo proud you are fully agreeing with all your husbands’ decisions. I have never known a more loyal woman. Even loyal wives like Eva Brown, Evita Peron, Mrs. Gandhi, Cleopatra and recent Mrs. Clinton voiced their concerns when their husbands clearly had lost touch with reality; but you, you are stunningly supportive (ignorant) about his crimes. I hope somehow you hold your stand when history will prove that George Junior B actually is the worst leader this Nation ever crowned over a bible. (Your husband, sweetie.) That would make for a perfect children’s book? No?

Every exiting First Lady get to write a White House cookbook – I will purchase yours too; Curiosity kills what…? Hey, a chefs thing – yes, I am a hypocrit!

While the poor are begging on the icy streets in America’s cities for a bite to eat, we witness the inauguration of the first black American President. I’d like to think he has respectfully received this duty because of his credentials and promises, of which I see fading the credo that convinced me to vote for him. Taxes are not implemented for the very rich and Guantanomo keeps kicking ass for a few more years… He is sworn in right now with a lavish 160 million dollar festivity in tow; the whole nation is sooo proud (except the widowed wives of fallen soldiers and the aforementioned poor living on the street…). I can’t but help to compare human-day presence with history to get a clear picture of the “shift” in progress. Remember when a clueless mistress in France declared to feed forty thousand hungry protesters under her palace balcony Parisian pastries – (That seriously happened)? Yup, not much of a “change” from that time of starvation. Sure, Obama will kick into action the very next day… make that two days later; so he can sleep out his hung-over. It’s not as bad as I imagine Bush’s idea of a farewell party; more like a Nero-esk adventure: burning down Rome for entertainment. (Does Iraq count?)

Remember a few blogs back when I expressed I was “let go” from a private chef position because I had an “ominous” past… Well, that very client is now the decorator for the new Obama home in Washington; with tax-payers money hired: a million dollar decorator that discriminates against his own minority people because my past could somewhat tarnish his unblemished persona? Let’s be straight about this…. Kidding!

Arnold (another past client) announced California is broke. That’s it. No solution, nothing. Oh, I did receive in the mail a message that persons on Social Security who die after the age of 50 will have to pay from their estate (or whatever they have left) the accumulated care-bills back to the State… Does that include the Obama collectable plate I purchased (two per person only) … ‘The printing mold will be destroyed after 65 days of burning his color mug of our 44th President…’ The add is running for way over 100 days on CNN.

CNN is making a few hundred million on endorsement for bringing the inauguration in your home; I highly suspect that Time Warner is a solid investment on Wall Street. How did I end up in New york? Imagine an earthquake in California. I’m only painting a devil on the wall. But seriously, from coast to coast, we are a little blindfolded these days. Unemployment rising, evictions rising, aggressions rising and everyone in a cheerful celebration mood: Yeah, ignorance is bliss! Did you see Stevie Wonder; He’s gotten huge!
Don’t get me wrong peeps; I am proud and happy to be an American. My overall nationalistic feeling is encouraged compared to a few years ago. I simply warn to be cautious about “fooling” ourselves into believe it all will “change” suddenly. Shifting stuff around in ones own home takes time and makes the place look “different” with the same old clutter. We are a nation of superstitions; The airplane landing on the Hudson River somehow is portrait by media as indication all is good with New York and it becomes a sign of “people coming together” – heck they all crawled out on the wing in fear the floating plane would sink to the icy bottom! Turns out the story of a flock of geese flying simultaneously into each engine… might be more like a human error when ignoring the signs to send the metal bird to get fixed in time… the mechanics knew something was seriously wrong with the UA aircraft days before it had to crash land. I still like the Goose story much better… Must be a chef’s thing, again.

Nine soldiers died this last few days in Iraq and Pakistan… Six hundred children died of AIDS in Africa in the past week alone. Israel is not taking responsibility for having used chemical weapons on the people in Gaza. I do not like my stone-strong Israeli friends when they become passionate and try to convince me about the horrible “creatures” these Hamas terrorists are. They need to be destroyed. What? Want me to “shift” back to Fantasy world? Obama is being sworn in over Lincoln’s bible to “change” the world.

Mom was right when she explained to me as a little boy: You cannot change people, but the world will change you.

We have choices: to laugh a little more, to find the good in others and all actions around us. We have a “choice” to see things the way we want. We don’t have to twist everything into negativity and sometimes the hardest lesson is to sit back and “listen” to others opinion without taking it personally. (please enjoy my irony…) It’s okay to “see” how others see us. “Change” is something we have to be willing to take on, not anything someone can “do” for us. “Shift” is the result of being able to change our attitude, to accept difference and to embrace multiplicity. Acceptance is a hard reality to accept.

I feel there is a shift of action and I hope I’m okay with it. I accept either way but will keep voicing my opinions. That I owe to myself and to the future. I love to be wrong in hindsight but could not live with the regret of having been silent (silenced) when confused.

I am wishing you the best Mr. President Obama. I too stand in line, behind you with all the proud people under your guidance.

Chef Raphael

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