Lupus creeper

Imagine you cook spaghetti – this action represents your organic function, digestion, energy source and waste production. You fill your sink with cold water; this now represents your current bodily fluid household. When the spaghetti is fully cooked you use a colander with too large holes through where the cooked pasta can escape – falls into the sink and mixes with cold water. This represents the wastage instead of being separated, mixing with your liquid matter. This “pasta”, loaded with bacteria, parasites and fungus causes all sorts of damage in your body. Atop your natural defense mechanism is confused and attacks your healthy tissue instead of clearing the waste.

Bare with me, the above analysis will make sense later. The problem here is simple, you could have used a thin mashed strainer. The strainer in the above story symbolizes your immune system and your connectivity tissue. If the skin of your digestive tracks is porous, toxic matter will escape and cause havoc in your body. With lupus, not only the skin of your digestive lining is compromised, your muscles are not sufficiently connected with your ligaments, weak ligaments detach from calcium deprived, brittle bones while infected and fat particle rich blood transports lesser oxygen causing your skin not to be nourished efficiently and finally your liver works over-time trying to detoxify, and finally your kidneys give up. If stress did not cause this dilemma it latest now will add anxiety – you will experience insomnia, rashes, hives and hair loss…

Either you are born with a large-holed strainer (inherited condition) or difficult-to-pinpoint-causes damaged your filtering tissues (external or internal reaction). The goal now is to separate the pasta from the water and restore your strainer – representing your porous tissue to efficiently separate and discharge toxic waste from your body – and restoring your damaged bones, skin and your self-confidents.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body begins to attack itself, causing tissue damage anywhere in the body. Lupus can be a very serious condition because it attacks and destroys the body’s connectivity tissues, the skin, and eventually the vital organs. It affects the blood vessels. Reynaud’s disease is common with lupus. Lupus is considered a chronic inflammatory disorder of the connective tissue and appears in two forms: discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), which affects only the skin, and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), which generally affects other organs as well as the skin. It can be fatal and is characterized by remissions and flare-ups, often misdiagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis.

Modern research indicate that a person’s genes may increase the chance that he or she will develop lupus, it takes some kind of environmental trigger to set off the illness. Ultra violet rays (sun beds), sulfa drugs, tetracycline drugs, penicillin and antibiotic drugs, viral infections and maybe stress it self… Although there is a common scientific list of such triggers, I am personally convinced it could be simply your toxic private environment; from toxic household cleaners, sentence air fresheners, body products to your food choices. I will elaborate on the latest below.

There are three “professional” theories as to the cause of SLE. First, SLE is an abnormal reaction of the body to its own tissues and caused by a breakdown in the autoimmune system. Second, certain factors may make a person more susceptible to SLE such as stress, streptococcal or viral infections, parasites, and exposure to sunlight, immunization, pregnancy or genetic predisposition. Third, SLE may be aggravated by certain drugs, such as anticonvulsants, penicillin, sulfa drugs, and oral contraceptives. There are more than one hundred different drugs that may cause lupus.

I’d say, there are more than 6000 food products that may cause lupus. There are more than 2000 household products that may cause lupus. You live in a toxic world.

I have personally helped a dozen of people cope with this dilemma and all of them experienced a positive result. Let me be very clear: I DO NOT claim to have a solution, nor do I have the expertise to comprehend lupus, but by merely adjusting a few basic TCM principles all of my friends affected with this illness have improved their condition and some even managed to stabilize their wellbeing to a comfortable level. The long-term goal is to eliminate or minimalize the use of cortisone that causes a whole slew of horrid side effects. I strongly believe that the degenerative disease that are increasing in number are side effects from many immunizations people have been given over the past few decades. Immunizations have the effect of oppressing your immune system to know whether a substance in the body is its own or whether it comes from outside. Simplified, with SLE your body’s ability to remove accumulated waste is hindered and retarded by a constant buildup of parasites. This waste causing toxicity and your body can’t discharge it timely, causing internal infections, protein not being distributed sufficiently and your whole cycle of balance becomes disrupted. You react, you flip out, you fall apart – you die.

From the perspective of TCM I encourage you to prepare with a preventative approach, reduce your immediate toxic environment, eat natural rich antibiotic and immune boosting choices, add sleep and avoid stress.

Learn about the products you consume, doubt me: check it out. I want you to have a relation ship with the food you eat – knowing is powerful!

Meditate! If you experience lupus, consult your doctor and talk about a few of my suggestions: Clear your home from all toxic cleaning products. Even with a claim of “environmentally safe”. Get used to clean with vinegar-diluted water, maybe chlorine for extreme dirt and find comfort in using non-perfumed simple soaps and body products that have an expiration date of less than two years. When you vacuum clean, open all windows and avoid inhaling your fibrous carpet dust blowing out of the machine. Wash your cloth and sheets with hot water. Wear nothing that needs dry-cleaning or can’t be washed hot. Pack your fancy dresses away until your body has recovered and is strong enough to tolerate them.

Allow yourself a minimum of 7 hours sleep in summer and eight hours in winter. Do not watch much TV, computer screen and never do so within an hour of bedtime. Sleep with your cell phone in a healthy distance.

Do not microwave anything.

Do not drink fluoride-laced water from the faucet.

Now get one a simple but effective diet: Never drink carbonated drinks, healthy or not. Most people with heartburn will discover that is the best advice. No artificial sweetener. If you are diabetic listen: NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER! No dairy product, no meat and limit your intake on pre-made product to a few items like canned tomatoes or beans. Any packaged product with a shelf life over two month is most likely not healthy for you. No eggs and no nightshade plants. Limit your chicken meat and purchase free range, less loaded with penicillin and hormones. Limit wheat and stay away from commercial baked bread and pasta. Sorry, but limit your chocolate intake.

Start finding pleasure with honey. Sugar is better than any sweetener including Sustiva and agave syrup. Eat daily a few black walnuts, drink daily decaf hot teas with honey – preferably passionflower, mint and Taheebo tea. Drink fresh juices whenever you have a chance. Fresh means consumed within one hour of squeezed, pressed or centrifuged. Eat a diet that includes onions, garlic and lots of quick blanched greens. Do not eat raw spinach and raw broccoli; they are stressful on your system. Eat a variety of colors, chew longer, enjoy the simple flavors and allow yourself the pleasures of a bite of sweets when appropriate.

Add bee propolis to your supplement intake. You will discover it as a powerful additive in fighting the side effects of lupus! Propolis has the ability to energize the body and restore vigor and stamina. It boosts the thymus glands and aids with sleep and mental strength. It is one of nature’s most effective antibiotic!

Please, share with me if you found help in this blog. For a personalized consultation simply contact me in person.

TCM chef Raphael

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